Monday, November 7, 2011

Homeward Bound

It wouldn't be Halloween without a good scare.

Well, maybe I shouldn't say good. I wish I could tell you our scare came from a terribly gory movie, a creepy haunted house or even someone popping out of the bushes, unfortunately it didn't. But never fear, this tale has a happy ending.

On Monday, our precious pups ran free out of our backyard when our gate was left open. Ryan found Cotton on a major road by our house after he was swiped by a car. I zoomed over and took him to the vet where he was checked out, given an IV, xray and some pain pills. Besides a few scratches and some soreness, Cotton is thankfully fine.

Mallie on the other hand, was the always rambunctious puppy that she is, so she went on an adventure for about 8 hours that day. I would have paid bank to have a camera tied to her collar to see where she went. We drove around all day looking for her, contacted every society we could think of, called every vet in the area and went and looked at dogs at animal control.

When our hope was dwindling and I was leaving to make fliers to find her, my co-worker called and said that she had found her! Thank God for all the caring people in our lives because this co-worker took the time to do one more loop around the area on her way home to look and Mallie popped out of someone's backyard!

When Mallie came bolting out of that car, my co-worker was crying, I was crying and Ryan was crying. It was just like when shadow returned on Homeward Bound.

And let me tell you our puppies have been SO incredibly spoiled this week! Here's Ryan loving on Mallie when she returned, Cotton was kind of loopy at this point :).

We wouldn't have been so lucky with all the support we had so I thought that I would share the resources I found with everyone if you run into the same problem (which I hope you never, ever do!).

Our dogs were both adopted, Mallie from Foothills Golden Retriever Rescue, so I contacted all the Golden rescues first. Here are others that we used, and we ended up meeting some great people:

  • Your Vet

  • Humane Society

  • Animal Care

  • Animal Control

  • Area Vet Offices (contact your vet, they can supply a list of names and phone numbers)

  • Fire Station

  • Police Station

  • Postal Service

  • Local Lawn Care

  • Local Trash and Recycling Services

  • Neighbors

  • Anyone Walking or Running

  • Co-Workers!

  • Family

  • Friends

  • Facebook

  • Twitter

Basically, the more people that know the better. We were also going to hand out fliers to all the trick 'or treaters, thank goodness we didn't have to though!

If this taught me anything, it was to love my dogs every single day (and to check the fence). Now go snuggle your little buddies, or go adopt one!
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