Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Oh Christmas Tree

We got our first Christmas tree!!!

We ventured out one late, blistery night to the glowing and tree-filled land of Lowes to get our tree this year.

We opted for the Fraiser fur of course and found the perfect one to load up and take home with us for our first Christmas as husband and wife.

See more our adventures below!

Cutting and bagging our tree.

Almost forgot a tree stand.

We grabbed a wreath, poinsettias and other Christmas necessities as well!

Perfect fit in the back of "the dinosaur"!

They let me take our left over branches, plus a few extras, to put around the rest of the house as garland.

This is the first ornament we put on together, courtesy of Nana.

Aaaannnnnndddddd drummmroooollll plllleeeaaasseee.....

We're so happy with how the tree turned out!

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