Saturday, March 17, 2012

Chocolate. Amazing Chocolate.

I had a notion that I should try to start making my own chocolate.

And then I found out how intense it is and decided that will have to stay on the "someday I really will" list.

But along the way, I ran across this gem of chocolate decadence, Maison Bouche. I ordered two of the bars immediately.

You're going to think I'm crazy for all the pictures of a chocolate bar I'm about to post. But trust me, its that good.

This was the Chocolate Chip Cookie bar made with their "Noir" or dark chocolate.

One of my favorite lines about this bar from their site was, "If you're the person who liked the cookies closer to the sides of the baking sheet, whose edges were ringed in browned butter, then this is your bar."

Check out the cookie built into this bar.

Try it out, its definitely worth the $6 tag and shipping. At least for me and  my intese chocolate cravings it is :)

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