Monday, April 30, 2012


Ryan works in a shopping center that contains a restaurant we've always been a little curious about. It's called Zorba's. Yes Zorba's.

Considering Ryan is about to move to another company, we decided it's now or never and we should try it while he's only a few steps away.

Not to mention, a few friends have mentioned lately that we definitely need to give it a try. They all said we had to try the steak sandwich and/or the BLT. So naturally, Ryan ordered one and I ordered the other.

What do you think our final say is on this place? Well just take a peek at these and let me know what you would think...

Ok, yes, the outside is pretty darn sketchy, and I didn't even dare post picks of the inside as that is equal in sketchocity. I would maybe recommend getting it to go, although it was quite an experience.

Now down to business, the steak sandwich was absolutely killer, you have to, have to, try this if you're in Greenville. I would recommend maybe on a day when you were out party rocking the night before maybe :).

Anyways, this sandwich has this great savory, greek taste and its cooked just right. They use a perfectly soft, yet somewhat crunchy onion bun that's not soggy at all when it arrives with all that meat. Then the cheese, glorious cheese, it is the perfect ooey, gooey compliment to this already perfect sandwich. We learned they marinate this meat overnight and the owners do infact, come from a Greek heritage and therefore use those seasonings. Absolutely yummy!

And not to leave out that delectable BLT... I literally think I removed a pound of bacon before even being able to fit this in my mouth. Don't you just love how BLTs are so sneaky and taste so fresh and yummy even though there's (literally) fried bacon mounds in between those toasty slices?!

Let me know if you have visited Zorba's before or if you plan to in the future!
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