Thursday, May 3, 2012

Gardening 101

This weekend we decided to tackle a few outdoor projects on our house. This called for me to do some gardening.

If you're like me, my gardening education is minimal to none. So I headed to the expert's house (aka my Nana) for some gardening 101.

The end result turned out pretty good I think, only time will tell though if my plants will live (cross your fingers). But, if there's anything I've learned through this its that if I can do it, so can you.

There are a few spaces in our front yard that I feel need some filling in, so Nana educated me on most of the plants in her garden so I first could decide what I wanted. A couple hours and a truckload later, we left with new ideas and a couple boxes of hostas, lenten roses and other plants she was so gracious to split and share with us.

On the way home, we hit up Home Depot for some Miracle Grow, tools and smaller plants for the planters that hang on the front of our house. I also grabbed some herbs that I can't wait to cook with later.

I used existing planters that were here when we moved in and they already had soil, so I just removed some and added some Miracle Grow along with my plants.

The order of my plants were:

2 Begonias; 1 Coleus; 1 Begonia; 1 Dusty Miller; 1 Begonia; 1 Coleus; 2 Begonias

For my herbs, I used Rosemary, Common Sage, Sweet Basil and (my favorite) Lemon Thyme. My original intent was to hang them right outside of our kitchen window, but I ended up needing this planter for the front since one was completely rotten.

Here's my original intent until I found out a front window planter was falling apart.

Ryan had to do some maintenance on some of the planters, even outside of trying to salvage the rotten one. Note: Use a non-molding material if you're building or buying your own planters.

So there you have it! Pretty easy, right? Let me know what you end up planting!

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