Thursday, May 17, 2012

Louisville Trip :: Day 1 :: Nord's Bakery

We groggily arrived at our hotel in Louisville on Wednesday night around 1am ready to hit the sack and wake up fresh and ready to get out on the town the next day. When a peep of sunlight came through our blacked out hotel curtains Thursday morning, I could just tell it was going to be an epic day.

And I was not disappointed one bit.

We started off with breakfast at Nord's bakery which lies a little outside of the city. I'm an avid donut lover and Nord's definitely lived up to my wildest donutty dreams.

Not to mention, as soon as they heard we were in Louisville for our anniversary, they threw in 4 free donuts. Yep 4 whole, fluffy, amazing donuts!

Here's a snapshot of the outside:

New life goal: Get giant pink glittery whisks!

Our chosen lot: Buttercream, Maple Bacon and Pretzel

Here goes the first bite...

And I think it was a success!

Ryan's Maple Bacon donut.

One of our favorites, the pretzel donut.

Yay for free donuts!

The texture of this donut was soft, pillowy, chewy and out of this world! Especially with the maple frosting.

The Coconut donut:

I've got to find a way to duplicate this chocolate frosting, it was so good!

The Buttercream was the only one we had with filling inside and gosh the buttercream on buttercream action with the soft, amazing dough was so delish!

Fatties or foodies, y'all decide...

The original Nord's, so cool!

Even their Edible stand was retro and adorable.

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