Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Louisville Trip :: Day 3 :: Urban Bourbon Trail

Yep, day 3 is still going strong.

We sit down for a little drink and app because we're so mealed out at this point (can you believe it?). Our bartender fills us in on all the great dinner and bar spots around town for our last night and then just happens to throw in a little bit about this jewel: The Urban Bourbon Trail.

All we had to do is get a passport from the Visitor's Center, get it stamped by 6 different bars (by ordering at least one drink) and get back to the Visitor's Center by 6pm. It was currently 2:30pm.

Did we succeed?

First it was the Maker's Mark Lounge.

Then it was the Old Seelbach Bar.

Then it was Bar Blu (where Ryan FINALLY had a glass of Pappy).

Then back to our hotel, The Gault House, the the Jockey Silks bar.

We finished at Z's Oyster Bar where we hit 5:50 pm.

Luckily, the bartender was awesome, stamped our book twice and Ryan' booked it to the Visitor's Center. He got major bonus points for his enthusiasm and came back to the bar to meet me breathing hard, but with two t-shirts and certificates in his hand.


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