Wednesday, June 6, 2012

I Heart the 90s.

I came across a little gem of a post on Facebook about the 90s and couldn't help but share!

Ok, all children of the 90s (yes I was technically born in the 80s, but whatev, I only REALLY recall my 90s childhood), so do you remember these things:

Takes ya down memory lane right?!

So here's the brilliant link10 Things 90s Kids Will Have To Explain To Their Children.

Some things I would have to add to the list that I will need to explain to my children are:

  • Pogs - Yes we collected, traded and lusted after circles of printed cardboard.

  • Hanson - No, mommy didn't have a crush on girls. Those are indeed, boys.

  • Are You Afraid of the Dark? - Yes, this still scares me. And yes, I still may be afraid of the dark.

  • Brittney Spears - Was, like, at one point, like, the totally coolest girl on the planet. 

  • Clueless - It's ok she fell in love with her ex-step-brother. They're not technically related and you know what, that's not the point anyway. High fashion and how to be a well rounded "Debbie" is the point.

  • Abercrombie & Fitch - Paying high dollars to advertise a company across my pre-teen chest was the cool thing to do. And no you can't do it. And yes, I still love the LFO song about this very thing.

Peace, I'm outties.
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