Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Pillow Talk

Let's talk pillows. I'm obsessed.

They're easy to change, easy to wash, easy to move around and if you know where to look, fairly priced. So here's some things to consider...

Space and Needs

Think about whatcha got. Think aboutcha focal point too!

I have one full size couch, one love seat and two chairs in my living room. My full couch is a focal point when you walk in my front door, so I decided I wanted it to be pretty full of pillows. It also isn't my favorite looking couch, so just another reason to load it up. For the love seat, I just decided on two pillows, but also did one pillow for each of the chairs so I could then move those over to the love seat if I wanted.

Southern Living even has a guide on how to arrange sofa pillows, check it out here.

(ok here's the big reveal, aren't these great, eek!)

photo (2)

photo (3)

Sources: (sprinkled throughout blog post)


Get an idea of size in your head. For example, 22"or 24" IS big, but its a great outter pillow size (see pink moroccan pillows above, these are 22"). If  you have the time, I would suggest unfolding a cardboard box and measuring it out and placing it beside the other size pillows you want. I like variety in size to add interest. I also like unique sizes, but beware, its hard to find inserts for  items like this.

Buy Covers, Invest in Inserts

If you invest in a set of 22", 20", 18", 16" and a lumbar insert then I guarantee you'll use them for an eternity. I bought a few of mine from Pottery Barn and then some from this site (found on ebay) and I love them. And really, when people say "invest" that usually is code for "spend a lot of money". But these range from $12-$30 each. Done!

After that, just buy pillow covers. Seriously, the best ones are on Etsy.

Search terms like "trellis", "bamboo", "moroccan", "chevron", "watercolor", "graphic", "chinoiserieand "greek key".


Sources: Chinoiserie, Graphic Hustling, Trellis (bonus: comes with insert!),

Chevron, Bamboo, Watercolor, Moroccan, Greek Key


My color story starts with Jonathan Adler. I wish I could just say that I totally outfitted my entire home from his nearby Georgetown store. But that unfortunately is not the case for me (or any other bargainista). So how psyched was I when he came out with his "Happy Chic" collection for JC Penny. Yes, that JC Penny.

I purchased this beauty 1. because of my love for all things with this greek-inspired ribbon and 2. its purple and orange. Duh. Go Tigers! Oh and put your own down insert into it and I promise it will look like a million bucks.

photo (5)

So that's where the madness began. After that, these bright purples, oranges and pinks were my obsession. Make sure to not go overboard and mix in some neutrals (black, white, natural fibers, etc.). And find a piece of art that helps balance and draw out your colors. (See Kentucky photo below).

photo (4)

Bottom line, find your inspiration piece and Go!

Pattern and Texture

My friends will tell you, if everything could be a color, pattern and texture all at the same time, all day every day, and not be gaudy, I would do it all day every day. But, there just has to be balance. And I do love balance (even though I may not have any).

So see above on pattern ideas (under covers). As for texture, I love ribbon, embroidery (although, beware of grandma style pillows here), canvas, linen, burlap and piping. Oh and did I mention Mongolian goat hair? Yes, goat hair, its just fabulous!


Sources: Chevron Burlap, Piped Green & Pink, Embroidered Moroccan, Mongolian Goat Hair

PHEW! Ok, had enough pillow talk yet?

Ok no, not me either... so don't worry my favorite pillow set I ordered is due to arrive any day now and I will debut it here on this blog and my Instagram feed, stayyyy tuuuunnnedd!

And if you want to continue the pillow talk, comment below, send me a tweet or email me at

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