Friday, April 19, 2013

#run #runforboston #runforyou

Ok so I'm definitely not a runner. Nothing about me has ever even hinted that I am a runner. I'm more of a zumba/group class sort of gal. I've always admired runners though. I've always wished that I could just "go for a run".

But you know what, here's the thing. Most people I know have two legs, lungs that breathe and a heart that beats. They can run, I can run. In fact, if you are blessed enough to have these things, why not run?

Three weeks ago, on a long drive with a best friend, she noted how she was training to run her first marathon. But this was not any marathon that she was going to run, it was the Boston marathon. She being a native Bostonian and long time runner, you could hear the excitement, nervousness and determination in her voice.

It was just so inspiring to hear her talk about her training and journey to running this marathon. So that was it, I put all my pre-conceived notions aside, threw on my favorite lulu and decided to run!


I found a little more intense Couch to 5K program, saved that plan, found a local 5K and immediately signed up. May 4th, here we come!

No-Ordinary-Beginner-to-5k-Training-ScheduleI then spoke to my husband and we decided to take it to the next level. I found a plan that takes you from 5K to half marathon. So we signed up for the Hamptons Half Marathon in NY. I love to travel, so for me, that was just another great motivator. So we got running!

Half-Marathon-16-Week-Training-Plan-Level-2-BeginnerHalf-Marathon-16-Week-Training-Plan-Level-2-Beginner (2)As this Monday approached, we started tracking our friend online throughout the day, amazed at her time and how awesome she was doing, giving us even more inspiration for our run later that day we had planned. Then the bomb went off. Panic, worry, tears. Prayers.

Our friend and her family and friends that went to watch her cross that finish line are all okay. And she crossed only minutes before the bomb. We're so proud of her and so relieved everyone is fine.

My new found love of running, and the runs hereafter of many others may never be the same. Yesterday, I woke up dreading the dinky run plan for that day. Then I thought, how dare I even think that for a second? I'm so lucky to have the ability to do this and to have such amazing friends and family to encourage me along the way.

So I then took my #run and made it a 5K #runforboston, I made it a #runforyou.


Life is too short to live in a bubble. Get out there, get moving, see something, discover something, meet someone new. You don't have to literally run, but find what gives you this motivation and meaning. Find your #run. Run it for Boston. Run it for you.


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