Thursday, May 23, 2013

Auf Wiedersehen! - Travel Essentials

Tomorrow I am leavin' on a jet plane y'all! And its a long ride, 13 hours, phew!

But I am so excited I can barely contain it!! I'll be visiting Frankfort (the airport at least), Dusseldorf, Wuppertal, Munich and Prague. While I will desperately miss my husband and puppaloos, I am so excited for this Dad/Daughter trip!

I can't help but get a little too obsessed about what I'm going to wear though! So I did what any girl would do... turned to Pinterest. Oh I just found the best inspiration! Aren't these looks great:

Travel Wardrobe 9

I have to start out with this one from Emily at Cupcakes and Cashmere, by far one of my all time fav blogs!

Source: Pinterest & Cupcakes and Cashmere

Travel Wardrobe 8

Source: Pinterest & Become Gorgeous 

Travel Wardrobe 7

Gotta love Jessica Alba, she's got the best travel style!

Source: Pinterest & Glamour

Travel Wardrobe 6

Source: Pinterest

PS: I might just love this one because I own this bag and its the best gift (from my sweet hubby) that I've ever received!

Travel Wardrobe 5

Source (This one is my FAVORITE!): Pinterest, Explore.Dream.Discover & Fairytales are True

Travel Wardrobe 4

Source: Pinterest & AJ Wears Clothes

Travel Wardrobe 3

Source: Pinterest & The Fix

Travel Wardrobe 2

Source: Pinterest & Jen Hammer

Travel Wardrobe 1

Source: Pinterest

Travel Wardrobe 10

I can't help but lust after this beautiful piece of luggage from Kate Spade!

Source: Nordstrom

Then I scoured my closet and found that 1) I own a lot of pink and orange (apparently travelers and europeans don't wear a lot of brights) 2) My shoes aren't that comfy for long-time wear 3) Finding easy layers is kinda hard

That's when I turned to Forever21 and Old Navy for some great basics and then did some online shopping for some cute and comfy shoes and additional layers. Here's what I found and think will be perfect for this trip abroad:

TMA Pack3

From left to right, by row.

Swagg Fleece Vest, JCrew Pixie Pants, JCrew Polka Dot Capri Pants, Seven Jeans, Banana Republic Crops, Workout Gear

Lilly Pulitzer Iona Shell, Assorted Forever21 Essential Tops, Forever21 Chiffon Back Sweater, Forever21 Essential Shirt Dress, Shop Hope's Orange and Chevron Top, Swell Fedora

Old Navy Maxi Dress, JCrew Top, Old Navy T-Shirt Dress, Romeo + Juliet Blazer, Assorted Pashmina and Forever21 Scarves

Tory Burch Flats, Michael Kors Sandals, Target Cardigans, Forever21 Belt, Target Wedges, Old Navy 3/4 Sleeve Dress

Coach Cross-body Bag, Target Riffle Paper Co. Notebooks, Frye Boots, Barbour Jacket (with hood), Old Navy Camis

TMA Pack10

I also struggled with footwear that will be cute and comfortable for all the walking, biking, driving and flying I'll be doing. I think these Beach Glass Converse tennies will be perfect!

TMA Pack

Just another angle!

TMA Pack9

Here's my outfit for the plane, I decided on a lot of layers so I can adjust to the temperature and my comfort. I think this fleece vest will be perfect rolled up as a supplemental pillow and the scarf is great as a little blanket if needed.

TMA Pack8

I want to make sure I document this trip and these notebooks are just thing to encourage me to do so!

TMA Pack7

I was planning on using my phone as a camera, but when I saw this Samsung for only $79.99 I decided to scoop it up. I can even upload my photos right to Facebook with wi-fi.

TMA Pack6

Target has the best little travel samples so I loaded up on those too!

I'm a list maker and this site was a big help as well as my above inspiration and laying everything out before putting it in the bag.

I'm hoping to stay connected to my Instagram feed while over there, but if not I"ll definitely do an update on here when I'm back in the states. Auf Wiedersehen!
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