Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Celebrating 2 Years!

Today is our 2-year anniversary as Mr. and Mrs. Phillips!

Thinking back to this magical day 2 years ago makes me smile, laugh and remember the amazing love that we felt with each other and our family and friends in the church that day. I also can't help but get nostalgic and look back through our pictures from that day. Here are some of our favorites...

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I also can't think about our wedding without thinking about everyone that made it possible. Thank you to my Mom, my Mother-In-Law, my Nana and Papa, my Dad, my Sisters, Brother, my Father-In-Law, Aunts, Uncles, Family Friends, Cousins, Guests and of course all of our Bridesmaids and Groomsmen!

Our vendors were so wonderful, especially our photographers Tomme Hilton and Erica Billingsley. Not to mention Price of Peace Catholic Church, Smoke on the Water (catering), Katie Cotton (makeup), Ginger Hargraves (cake), Gown Boutique of Charleston (Martina Liana gown and FREE Jim Hjelm bridesmaid dresses that we won). My flowers were by my Nana and decor DIY, mainly by my Mom :).
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