Sunday, July 28, 2013

SO Obsessed Sundays - Round 2!

Wellllcoooommmeee Ladies and Gentleman, let's get ready to ruummmmmbbbblllleee!

Its Round 2 of SO Obsessed Sundays!

Here's this week's obsessions...

1. Contact your local architect now.

May I recommend Kustom Home Design (shameless plug for my mama y'all, sorry). But seriously, I'm saving these 36 things that I didn't know I ever wanted in my dream home, but now I absolutely have to have.

Gah I can't wait for my multiple waterfalls (including the bath), two story closet and I just know Cotton and Mallie are going to love that dog pool!

Thanks Buzzfeed.


2. Looking at Married Life through GOLD Colored Glasses.

It's okay to have a second wedding within 3 years of being married right? Because I can't imagine a more perfect wedding day - gold and white accessories, a pool, monograms and extremely tall flower arrangements. Oh, did I mention ribbon chiavari chairs?!


3. Boy Oh Boy!

How could you not get in on all the baby boy buzz with the newest royal arrival?! I'm particularly loving all the Pinterest boards filled with royal inspiration, like this one...


4. Sucker for a Sale!

Man, I'm a sucker for a sale! And this is the perfect time of year to get your shop on, a lot of my favorite places are giving you an EXTRA percentage off their sale items. And while we're on the royal subject, I have to believe Mama Middleton would give this blue polka dot number from J.Crew a thumbs up, especially at an extra 40% off!

Also check out Kate Spade, Tory Burch, World Market and Piperlime!

Quck TIp: You'll need to sign up for their emails to get the EXTRA, EXTRA discount!


5. Beautiful + Mess = Perfection

While not associated with one of my favorite blogs, A Beautiful Mess the App is my new go-to extra on my phone! It lets you edit your photos and add colorful borders, text, doodles and phrases! Here's one of my favorites with my poochies...

photo (8)

6. TV to Table

The amount of excitement I get from receiving this little gem of a publication each month is unreal. I feel like this is the most approachable and useful glossy that I get when it comes to home design and decorating. If you don't get this already, go, run, frolic, whatever(!), subscribe now!



Hope you're as obsessed as I am! Happy Sunday!


Sunday, July 21, 2013

SO Obsessed Sundays!

I've always loved when blogs do a weekly favorite, love or obsession list. And when my good friend at RSVP Greenville announced she was starting Fridays Top Fives, I had to get in on the action!

Welcome to SO Obsessed Sundays ladies and gents...

This first fine SO Obsessed Sunday starts out with these girly, girly songs for you to listen to while you scroll through this list. I'm loving this girl group Fifth Harmony, I started obsessing over their girlitude songs (yes I just came up with that) when I saw them on the Today Show...

1. Girlitude brought to you by Fifth Harmony


2. Job Interview Questions 

Ok, boooorrriiinnnggg, I know, I know, but I'm in the heat of interviewing lately and this is my go-to prep list! Pin it, you never know when you might need it. It gets better, I swear!

(Click the image for a larger, more readable version)


3. Skinny Dip!

Oh la la, let's talk skinny dipping... SKINNY FUNFETTI DIPPING that is!! Yep, I think I'll just keep this always in my fridge.

Courtesy of Sweet Treats & More.


4. OMG. Kill Me Now. This Is The. Most. Perfect. Dress. Everrrrrr.

Right? Just look at this perfection from Viva Luxury's blog. Oh and yeah, her entire blog is just perfection x a trillion.


5. A Spot-tacular Pillow!

Pink, animal print and home decore just work, I tell ya. Check this pillow out from Furbish. Did I mention that I'm obsessed with everything from this store? Rawr!


6. Pitty Party, Baby Elephant Style.

And last, but not least, this is how I feel when I cry into my leopard pillow at the thought of answering those interview questions, that the skinny funfetti dip might not actually make me skinny and that I may never own that dress.


(Man, gets me every time, so funny!)

Oh well, just turn up the Fifth Harmony and call me Miss Movin' On!

Happy Sunday y'all!

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Mirror, Mirror...

...on almost every one of my walls. I'm a little in love with mirrors. They open up a space, bring in light and are just like big girl glitter. On steroids.

So when it came time to pick out some new nightstands, I knew I wanted something a little heftier and with great storage. And bigger can definitely be beautiful y'all! And glamorous. And fabulous. And old hollywood. And even a bit manly.

Yes, manly. I really have the best hubs, pretty sure he would let me paint our ceilings hot pink and paint the floors chevron black and white if I wanted. So I like to throw him a bone (or antler) every now and then. That's why I took a "his and hers" approach with the decor on our side tables but still incorporated the oh so beautiful quality of mirrored furniture.

I pulled a little inspiration to get me going...


Source: Pinterest


Source: Pinterest


Source: Pinterest


Source: Pinterest


Source: Pinterest

Alright so now I have a plan, time to buy some tables! Ummm woah woah woah, how much???

Mirrored furniture is quite co├╗teux! (expensive just sounds better in French, doesn't everything?!)

After scouring Target, HomeGoods and my normal culprits, I thought why not check eBay. I really imagined furniture would be quite expensive on eBay (not like shipping pillow inserts), but was surprised to see it's not that bad. That's when I found this set for only $560 for them both, including shipping. Overall mirrored, crystal knobs and storage galore. Sold!


Source: eBay

You may have already seen the tables in this post, but here's a little reminder of how they turned out:


Complete with some of his summer reading essentials, an antler and cotton and wine decor!


Tulips, my great-grandmother's jewelry plate and my favorite books make for a great "hers" table.

Visit my Pinterest page for more shiny ideas! And in the meantime, I wish you these thoughts when you look in your own big girl glitter...


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