Saturday, July 6, 2013

Mirror, Mirror...

...on almost every one of my walls. I'm a little in love with mirrors. They open up a space, bring in light and are just like big girl glitter. On steroids.

So when it came time to pick out some new nightstands, I knew I wanted something a little heftier and with great storage. And bigger can definitely be beautiful y'all! And glamorous. And fabulous. And old hollywood. And even a bit manly.

Yes, manly. I really have the best hubs, pretty sure he would let me paint our ceilings hot pink and paint the floors chevron black and white if I wanted. So I like to throw him a bone (or antler) every now and then. That's why I took a "his and hers" approach with the decor on our side tables but still incorporated the oh so beautiful quality of mirrored furniture.

I pulled a little inspiration to get me going...


Source: Pinterest


Source: Pinterest


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Source: Pinterest

Alright so now I have a plan, time to buy some tables! Ummm woah woah woah, how much???

Mirrored furniture is quite co├╗teux! (expensive just sounds better in French, doesn't everything?!)

After scouring Target, HomeGoods and my normal culprits, I thought why not check eBay. I really imagined furniture would be quite expensive on eBay (not like shipping pillow inserts), but was surprised to see it's not that bad. That's when I found this set for only $560 for them both, including shipping. Overall mirrored, crystal knobs and storage galore. Sold!


Source: eBay

You may have already seen the tables in this post, but here's a little reminder of how they turned out:


Complete with some of his summer reading essentials, an antler and cotton and wine decor!


Tulips, my great-grandmother's jewelry plate and my favorite books make for a great "hers" table.

Visit my Pinterest page for more shiny ideas! And in the meantime, I wish you these thoughts when you look in your own big girl glitter...


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