Friday, February 14, 2014

I Love Love (and chocolate)!

Happy Valentine's Day!

I'm a mush, I have to admit, I love this day! It may be because the amount of pink pretties, stationary, lourve, and oh yeah, chocolate, is out of control! Gah I love it!

One of my New Years resolutions was to send more mail. Not email, not texts, not Facebook messages... real mail. So I scoured my favorite stationary sources and found a lot of real gems for my besties, I mean I ordered some of these valentines in early January y'all. But this is where it goes wrong. It snowed.

Ok, yeah yeah yeah, to all you northerners, snow is normally no big deal. But to my southern soul, it just shakes EVERYTHING up. Including my brain and memory to put the actual cards in the mail. Ha. Yep, didn't mail my valentines in advance. Never fear friends, they are on the way (as of today).

In the meantime, here's a little sneak peek of what what is (now) in the mail:

2.14.14 2409
2.14.14 2413
2.14.14 2414
2.14.14 2415
Polka Dot Box/Chevron & Polka Dot Bags: Target, Bow Box (birthday present for a special girl inside): Kate Spade

2.14.14 2417
Sweet Valentine Wishes: Sugar Paper, Homemade Valentine's: From Allie's Valentine Making Party

2.14.14 2418
XO Valentine: Sugar Paper, Hot Stuff Valentine: Paperless Post, Drink Up Wine Stopper: Prep Obsessed

2.14.14 2420
Let's Make Out Valentine: Paperless Post, Brownies: Ghirardelli Mix with PB M&Ms, Chocolates: Reeses, Hot Sauce Valentine: Paperless Post

2.14.14 2421
Sweet Tea Valentine: Paperless Post

2.14.14 2422
2.14.14 2424
2.14.14 2428
2.14.14 2429
Address Stamp: Three Designing Women (thanks Sarah, best housewarming gift ever!)

2.14.14 2431
Oh and remember that snow I mentioned? Yeah, well here is how we bundled up and headed out to have our own little snow day!

2.14.14 2393
2.14.14 2337
2.14.14 2342
Hat: C. Wonder (on sale now, $34.99), Scarf: Ebay (only $5.99), Jacket: Barbour, Gloves: Kate Spade (not available online), Jeans: Old Navy (only $29.50), Boots: Hunter

2.14.14 2340
2.14.14 2346
2.14.14 2328
Umbrella: Lilly Pulitzer
2.14.14 2364
2.14.14 2371
2.14.14 2377
2.14.14 2385
Look how deep the snow is, and it was still coming down!
2.14.14 2397
Take note, Cotton is not a cold-weather pup!

2.14.14 2408
Share your Valentine's and favorite stationary sources, I plan to keep this New Years resolution rolling!

Happy Valentine's Day!


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