Monday, February 17, 2014

Southeastern Salvage Is Where It's At!

We recently ventured to the Eastern Shore for the first time to visit the little town of Cape Charles. It was such a beautiful place and we're super excited Mom may be looking to have a place there and be closer to us!!!!

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While on that side of Virginia, we stopped by a home store that's called Southeastern Salvage in South Carolina, but in Virginia is called by the parent company name, Home Emporium. Mom finds the best things there in SC so we couldn't wait to check out the one nearest us in Chesapeake.

Here's a look into the store, great finds and great prices:
2.14.14 2305
Not a looker from the outside, but trust me, you'll be happy once you walk inside!

2.14.14 2192
This was one of my favorite finds! I was so excited that we got to take this beauty home with us that day. I've been eyeing a similar one at Pottery Barn ($799) that's half the size and one at Restoration Hardware ($1795). This one is quality built, 6' long and the perfect price at just $499!

2.14.14 2193
The store is a little large and overwhelming, so you have to really be in the mood to shop and dig around :).

2.14.14 2196

2.14.14 2197
2.14.14 2198
I love these cowhide and leather bar stools!

2.14.14 2199
This couch was ginormous! If only I had a room large enough to fit this in...

2.14.14 2200
There were lots of pieces that reminded me of Restoration Hardware with all the tufts, metal and leather styles. The one pictured above is $4945 at Restoration Hardware, but only $1599 here.

2.14.14 2201

2.14.14 2202

2.14.14 2203
2.14.14 2204
Only $169 each!

2.14.14 2206
I love round dining tables, this one was gorgeous at only $849.

2.14.14 2207
2.14.14 2208
When it comes time for us to get the backyard summer-ready, I'll be making a trip back! They had great outdoor pieces like this bar set.

2.14.14 2210

2.14.14 2211
2.14.14 2212
See the white pergola back there? They had great lighting, we got two new fixtures, more to come soon on that!

2.14.14 2213
Ryan was a really good sport, I think all the cowhide, leather, nail heads (and rolly chairs) helped keep him interested.

2.14.14 2214
Mom has such an eye! She was great at picking out the best things among all the stuff!

2.14.14 2215
2.14.14 2217
I was so, so in love with these footstools, I just don't have a place for them (right now anyway).

2.14.14 2218
Love the new basket/hat Mom!

2.14.14 2219
Oh the detail!

2.14.14 2220

2.14.14 2221
These table bases were great and they also had varying styles of glass to go on top.

2.14.14 2222
Yes, you're reading that right, only $49.

2.14.14 2223
Here is one of my favorite parts... cowhides for only $188/each!!! They had all different color combos and styles.

2.14.14 2224
Ryan found them very comfortable as well.

2.14.14 2226

2.14.14 2227
Speaking of rugs, they just had the best assortment! This one was on sale for $199!

2.14.14 2228

2.14.14 2232
Oh and they don't have heat, so dress warm... or grab a cowhide as an extra layer!

2.14.14 2298
When we drove around to pick up our goodies, I spotted all these great garden stools outside. I'll definitely be back when the weather warms up!

2.14.14 2300

2.14.14 2302
(the pineapples on his little rear are just presh!)

So who's ready to jump in the car and get to the nearest Southeastern Salvage/Home Emporium right this second?! Stay tuned, photos of the finds we brought home to come soon!

Happy home shopping!

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