Saturday, March 1, 2014

Bachelor Viewing Girls Night PJ Party

Every Monday I get together with a group of girls at my house to nosh on munchies, sip on wine and indulge in the never classy, always trashy TV that is The Bachelor. We even turned it into a game and our two teams, "Juan Direction" and "Don't You Juan-t Me, Baby?" play against each other (recap of the rules to come soon!).

2.28.14 305

This past week gave us the gift of double episodes on Monday and Tuesday. Yay us! So we decided to postpone our viewing party to Friday to watch both episodes and do a girls-night-in PJ party. We're all such little girls at heart, mention the idea of doing a slumber party and we all get giddy!

Here's a sneak peek into the decorations, food, comfy seating, PJs and fun that made the night a huge success!

2.28.14 273

Target was having a sale on a lot of their party decor this past week so I scooped up these paper lanterns for $5 and also some tags, straws, pinwheel toothpicks and napkins all around $2 per pack!

2.28.14 254 2.28.14 256 2.28.14 259 2.28.14 261
2.28.14 246

I made mini chicken and waffles as an appetizer, it was so easy! I just got nuggets from Chick-fil-A, toasted some Mini Eggos and poured on our favorite Pure Ohio Maple Syrup!

2.28.14 264

I kept them warm in the oven at 170 degrees until the girls arrived.

2.28.14 289

2.28.14 2912.28.14 267 2.28.14 270 2.28.14 272 2.28.14 275

I blew up the air mattress so we could really cozy in for the night! Our points system hung behind us on the windows.

2.28.14 277 2.28.14 278 2.28.14 279 2.28.14 281 2.28.14 283 2.28.14 284 2.28.14 285Anna made the most delicious raspberry pastry cups!

2.28.14 286 2.28.14 287 2.28.14 288 2.28.14 292 2.28.14 293Had to include my favorite, sushi! Thanks Sarah for displaying them so beautifully!

2.28.14 294 2.28.14 295The bar for the night!

2.28.14 297We all indulged in a little pre-viewing bubbles at the champagne bar!

2.28.14 298 2.28.14 299 2.28.14 300 2.28.14 302
2.28.14 308 2.28.14 309 2.28.14 310Erin not only played bartender extraordinaire, but also brought some of the best slices of cake from Shindigz!

2.28.14 311Moscow Mule time!

2.28.14 313




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