Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Bachelor Viewing Parties

This season of The Bachelor (with Wahpawlo) was just horrible. I admit it. I had high hopes, I really, really did, but it became obvious pretty quickly that this year's Bachelor was whack.

Although... this horribly awkward season did lead to some good convos and laughs every Monday with the girls over wine and apps. We decided if we were going to come together for a girls-night-in over the trashiest of trash TV, we might as well make it interesting with a little friendly competition.

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2.14.14 1788

Thanks to lots of time on the road over the holidays, I got many a chance to pick my husband's brain for game ideas. I think it worked pretty well for coming up with it from scratch! Here's how you can play with your gal pals.

What you'll need:

  • Poster boards (3) - one for each team and one for your points key

  • Double stick tape

  • Individually cut and laminated contestant faces (see below for details)

  • Marker/s

  • 2 Notebooks (to keep score)

  • Pens

  • A list of buzzwords and actions

  • Roses labeled (optional) - to decide teams

  • Paper cut into strips (optional) - to write Bachelor style questions on as an ice breaker

We had a group of 14 girls which I met from a mix of different places (Junior League, work, neighbors, even Instagram :)), so the first night we went around and gave our Bachelor style bios. We included our name, hometown, profession and answered one random question pulled from the jar I had compiled of actual questions from the contestant bios.

We each then grabbed a rose that was labeled one or two. This determined who was on each team. The chosen team names were "Juan Direction" and "Don't You Juan't Me, Baby?" (DYJMB), we're so creative!
2.14.14 1740
2.14.14 1741

Then it was time to watch the entrances from the girls for some context, pause, and draft our teams. I pulled the girls pics and names from the ABC website and pasted them into a doc that I had printed and laminated at a FedEx print center. I then cut them individually, laid them out for the girls to see and added double stick tape to poster board.
2.14.14 1738
2.14.14 1734
The teams each took turns choosing a player back and forth until there was only one left. There was an odd number of contestants this year, so we gave the extra girl to the team that had less people after roses were handed out. Our teams were set!
2.14.14 1744
2.14.14 1733
Ahead of time I also came up with a list of words and actions that would gain points for our teams. They were tiered with one point if our girls said one of the listed buzzwords, five points if a girl on our team did the action or was involved in what was listed, and finally, ten points if one of our girls got a rose.
2.14.14 1735

We switched up the score keepers each week and all yelled out points when our girls said or did something.

Mid-way through the season we had to do some switcheroos because teams got really uneven. I think at one point there were three players on Juan Direction and seven on DYJMB so Juan Direction chose one girl to give DYJMB and in return, they gave us three girls. Essentially, the rule is just to let the team giving away the players pick who they give.
2.14.14 1730
2.14.14 1732
In the beginning team DYJMB was the clear winner, but team Juan Direction came back in the end and won with both Clare and Nicki on their team.
2.14.14 1747
We switched up who brought food and drinks each week, so playing hostess was so easy (and kept me motivated to clean every Sunday!). It was so much fun, see our girls-night-in when we postponed watching two episodes to a Friday!
2.14.14 1745

Stay tuned for a post coming soon on our finale celebrations.

I had so much fun with these girls and I'm going to miss seeing them every Monday! We might just have to regroup starting May 19th for the Bachelorette staring our girl Andi Dorfman!
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