Monday, March 3, 2014

Finding the Perfect Hunters

I heart Hunter boots!

Colors Hunter
Image cred: Molly & Kate

Ok, really though, who doesn't!? I've owned the classic green pair for a lifetime, but they were really starting to wear. Oh and did I mention, they were also kids size because I have itty feet. They were therefore always too short and I yearned for the day when I would get a nice, new, tall adult pair. I was so ready to put my big girl booties on y'all!
When Ry surprised me on my birthday this year with a pair, I died! And then I put them on. Why were they scruchie? Oh yea, I'm short and don't have the standard 15" or below calf. But, no, no, no, no they have to fit, I've been pinning them on Pinterest every single day, they have to fit!
2.14.14 1709

2.14.14 1711
2.14.14 1710
Too bad you can't suck your calves in.
2.14.14 1708
Then Ryan, being the sweet man he is, meekly but knowledgeably says, "you know, they did have an adjustable boot...". Oh heck yes!

I have to admit though, it took me quite a long time to decide what I really wanted. Ideally, I was looking for the Original Tall Glossy in adjustable, but they don't make that combo in the US apparently. So I started looking into the shorter, but wider, Huntress boot that comes in gloss. Didn't love that they were about 2" shorter though.

In the end, I went original, adjustable classic black. And I couldn't be happier! They're fantastic!

3.3.14Blog 002
Cotton approves!
3.3.14Blog 006
Here's a look at the adjustable backs, I'm in love!

3.3.14Blog 0053.3.14Blog 004

I have to admit though, when my email dinged recently and I saw all the bright new hues, I got color envy. I mean look at these, they're beautiful!

Hunter Boots Orig

I'm lusting over that Lipstick Pink pair! Oh and the Clementine and Jade, don't even get me started! So what's your favorite color?


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