Monday, March 17, 2014

Happy Go Lucky!

Happy St. Patrick's Day y'all! Don't get pinched - are you wearing your green?

I did a little pre-Patty's day prep on Friday before date night with Ry where I donned my favorite green dress.
3.16.14 288

Dress: Banana Republic (sold out, same dress in print here), Necklace & Sign: Prep Obsessed

3.16.14 292

Shoes: Target: (sold out, similar here) - please excuse my leafy patio!

This choice was a very close runner up for date night, but I had already worn it earlier this week when I was trying to give Mother Nature a big HELLO, we're ready for Spring!

3.11.14 076

One of my favorite things to do is send little surprise surcies to friends and family. I coupled this with my New Year's resolution to send more mail and created a little care package.

For this fun holiday, it was all for my Sisk! My Sister-in-law is in college at my Alma Mater, and if I remember correctly, this is one holiday we always celebrated in great spirits. Can you say green beer!

3.16.14 045

Card, Candy, Mustaches, Socks: Target (sold in store)

3.16.14 046

3.16.14 293

After the surcie was packaged and in the mail, we headed out for our date. We were celebrating living in Virginia for one year (unbelievable!) and went to Heritage, one of our favorite local places, to eat a great RVA dinner!

3.16.14 289
The Burrata cheese special was AMAZING!

3.16.14 290
The Bourbon Barrel Smoked Pork Belly was so delicious, Ryan was in love!

3.16.14 120

Even though we couldn't eat too many because we're low carb'ing it (more on that later), the Shrimp Crackers were so crunchy, savory and just perfection. They were like pork rinds, but with shrimp instead, YUM!

3.16.14 130

The Roasted Half Chicken was great as well.

3.16.14 128

Oh the Hangar Steak, so juicy!

3.16.14 291
 Think I like citrus? Gotta love the pops of green!

Cheers y'all! Don't forget, today is the day to be Happy Go Lucky, so live it up!
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