Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Lilly Lovin - My Hunt for the Perfect Cup Dress!

Five years ago in Camden, South Carolina, Ryan and I met at the Carolina Cup Steeplechase. Ryan is from Camden, so we always go back every year with a group of friends and stay on Lake Wateree at his place.
Our first photo together under the tent in the pouring rain - Carolina Cup 2009! PS: The handsome creeper in the background ended up being a groomsman, love ya Justin!

Since I've known Ryan, I've worn Lilly to Cup every single year. Here's a history of the dresses!
2011 (love you sisk!)
Not seeing any reason to break tradition this year, I headed to our local Lilly store, Pink Palm. My MIL gifts me my dress every year for this special occasion and I look forward to it so much! It also aligned nicely with Pink Palm's 12th Anniversary where they were doing small celebrations and special giveaways! Double score!  
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Here were some of the contenders. WARNING... if you hate selfies and mirror photos, I suggest you tune out now :).

3.3.14 043
3.3.14 024
Loved this one in Pop Pink on the Square, but not so Cup-ish.

3.3.14 033
This was my favorite in Fountain Hopping from the beginning.

3.3.14 038
But in the end, this was the winner in the print Bungle in the Jungle! I loved how traditionally Lilly it was!

I was SO excited to leave with my (first non-pink) Cup dress, this Elsa in one of my absolute favorite prints, First Impression, and this pullover in Trippin and Sippin that I've worn literally every cozy night since the purchase.

3.3.14 0193.3.14 022

Oh and as a bonus, check out this adorbs wallet I got fo free with my purchase!


So what's your favorite Lilly thus far? Did I make the right choice? Who's going to the Cup?! I can't wait to see you there!



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