Sunday, March 9, 2014

Wedding Weekend Recap!

This weekend we packed our bags for a super quick (less than 24 hrs!) trip to South Carolina. I’m from Greenville and one of Ryan’s good friends was getting married there this weekend, so we doubled up and got to see some family and friends! The wedding was absolutely beautiful! The weather was just as great as well, even up into the 70s, which we haven’t felt in months, ahhhh.

I’m going to knock on wood when I say this, but I actually don’t get car sick reading, so it’s one of my favorite times to catch up on magazines, catalogs and books that I’ve been neglecting during the busy weeks and weekends. It’s about 6 hours to Greenville from Richmond, so it’s a great time to get lost in dreamy decor and fun stories!
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My Dad has been dying to get Ryan to a new local spot close to our house called Bacon Brothers, it was quite delish!

We hung out around the house in between lunch and getting ready for the wedding. We snapped a few family photos too. (ok, yeah, you caught me, told you I haven’t stopped wearing this Lilly popover since I got it!)
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3.9.14 159
My little brother Nick and our favorite feline, Gigi.

3.9.14 122
This is what it looks like when my Mom makes fun of me.

3.9.14 120
And now normal. I can't get over how big my little baby sister is getting!

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I decided to snap a stash of #tbt photos too, here’s some favorites you’ll see on a Thursday coming soon.

3.9.14 168
Four generations! My Mama Sue, Grandma White, Papa, Mom and me.

3.9.14 171
This makes me laugh every.single.time. Caught in action! Both of them! And to think how skinny that little fat kid is now.

3.9.14 169
Yeah, who am I kidding, I was a fat kid too!

After my walk down memory lane, it was off to the wedding!

3.9.14 146

Dress: JCrew (sold out, similar style here), Cardigan: Banana Republic (sold out), Necklace: Prep Obsessed, Belt: Lilly Pulitzer (sold out, similar style here)

The church was gorgeous with simple, perfect d├ęcor!

3.9.14 170
The reception was at the Old Cigar Warehouse in downtown Greenville, and was absolutely stunning!
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3.9.14 132
Even the bathrooms were gorgeous! I'm dying over this wooden sink counter.
3.9.14 129
Look at the cool bathroom doors!
3.9.14 164
3.9.14 130
3.9.14 157
3.9.14 162
Such a beautiful bride!
3.9.14 179
Ryan with the handsome groom!

Congrats Will and Whitney! We’re so glad we could be there to help you celebrate your special day! #ayerspartyof2
3.9.14 177
Then it was back on the road to get home to our pups, who had a play weekend with one of their doggie biffies Gordy. Thanks Sarah and James!

Phew, what a fun and whirlwind of a weekend! We're so grateful to have such wonderful friends and family to spend time with and have our backs in SC and VA!
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