Thursday, April 17, 2014

Everything Really Is Bigger: TX Visit, Part II

Even though my Dallas trip may be almost a week behind me at this point, I'm definitely still in a Texas state of mind! If you didn't catch part one of my trip, check it out, it was amaZAing (wink, wink).

Now, you didn't think I was gunna leave you without sharing food pics galore did ya!? Nope!

The first night in town we ate at one of my new fav restaurants, Whiskey Cake in Plano. The food, drinks and especially the whiskey cake was out of this world! I mean c'mon, my favorite bourbon (Buffalo Trace) was made into cake - genius!

I immediately love any restaurant that pays tribute to one of my favorite movies, Steel Magnolias. My colors are "blush and bashful"... I had to send this to Jess and Allie (of Alexandra Bee Blog) as it reminded me of girls weekend (see that here)!

Love the lightbulb and rosemary vases!

This Local TX Goat Cheese Fondue was UN-believable!

Best Fried Green Tomatoes I've ever had. Ever.

The Local Board was awesome too. I love how they write on their chalkboard where everything came from locally.

BBQ smoker-style fireplace outside!

The bar was awesome, obviously because of all the whiskey, but also because you could see right into the kitchen too!

I ordered the Brisket which came over White Cheddar Poblano Grits and Tomatillo Apple Salsa.

A little dessert drink called The Nuts! It was like a creamy bourbon on the rocks with candied pecans on top!

How cool is this light? I'm thinking its totally man cave material.

Yep, that was the main attraction... the Whiskey Cake! It was made up of toffee torte, Buffalo Trace Bourbon anglaise, spiced pecans and whipped cream! Perfection!

Check out the full menu here.

The next night in Dallas, we had dinner while we played at one of the coolest places ever, Top Golf. I'm not a huge fan of golf per se, but this putting range turned basket/target game was the  The full bar, awesome weather and atmosphere also made it a big win!

Essentially, its a double deck putting green where you play either against each other or against teams in different bays. You win points by getting your golf ball (that's tracked via RFID) into the baskets in those different targets. The farther away and closer to the flag, the more points you get.

You could really spend time just hanging out elsewhere too, like in the lounge, playing yard games (including giant Jenga) and putt-putt too.

The food was pretty delish too, including this mexican flatbread (you're killing my diet here TX!).

I found out the nearest Top Golf to me is in Alexandria, VA. I think this summer I'll have to gather my friends, hop in a bus and have a day trip out there!

Needless to say, my first time in Texas was a success. I already can't wait to go back to Dallas and try all the other cool places that I heard about too. Some other suggestions I received included Milk and Honey Boutique (via the lovely Caitlin of Southern Curls and Pearls), The Truck Yard and Taverna (via local Texan Marie of Progression By Design).

Now I'm going to go drink my lemon water, eat some broccoli and dream about the deliciousness and fun I was having a week ago from today...

PS: I would love more Dallas suggestions for my next visit! What are your favs?
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