Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Hubby Birthdays

Do y'all get stuck on what to get your husbands for their birthday? I know I do... I had great intentions and tried to keep a list on my phone of ideas throughout the year. Needless to say, it wasn't as expansive by the time May (Rys birthday "month") rolled around.


If you're in the same boat, I thought I would try and lend a hand by listing out some ideas from the list (and memory ha).

So first, I gotta say it does depend on the type of guy your husband is, here's some quick facts about mine:
Born: NC; Fav Food: His own BBQ; Fav Pandora: Cross Canadian Ragweed; Fun Fact: His initials are RAP; Fav Drink: Bourbon; Summer Wardrobe Staple: Chubbies

That in mind, here's some ideas that I hope help you too!

-Festival Tickets (hello, Austin City Limits!)


Image cred: Pinterest

-Piggybacking off the festival idea.. A Trip! We love traveling and usually look for places within a 5 hour drive to visit, but every now and then love the idea of jumping on a plane to a fun city too! Or, check out your local Groupon for a fun activity too!

-Anything to go towards "bro'ing up" the Man Cave

-Stein Koozie 

Image cred: OktoberfestHaus

-Bacon of the Month Club from Zingermans - this is a past favorite that I know he would appreciate again


Image cred: Pinterest

-Golf Club Membership - Ryan loves to play so I know he would love a place to go regularly (bonus if they have a pool!)

 -Needlepoint Keychain - make one, or buy it!


Now, the next few are a little more practical, but I know they're things he definitely wants and needs...

Image cred: Pinterest

-Brown Dress Shoes

Image Cred: Pinterest

-Sunglasses - I love these classic Kennedy-inspired frames

Image cred: Ray Ban

-Chubbies Shorts - I think Ry has almost every color, but they come out with new ones all the time


Image Cred: Pinterest

-Finally, Lawn Care - not the most fun idea ever, but would allow him so much more time for the fun stuff, like BBQ'ing!

So what are some other ideas? Send them my way!
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