Saturday, May 31, 2014

Teaser Alert! New Blog Coming Soon...

That's right! Exciting things are happening y'all, I'm getting a new blog!
And as a teaser I'm sharing a photo that inspired me and hits pretty darn close to my new bloggie home when it comes to the design:
goldbowmacaroonsPhoto cred: Popsugar
I'm just BUSTING to share more, so stay tuned! Including more photos like the below taken for the updated blog.
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Photo cred: The AMAZING Allison Shumate Photography!
It also goes without saying that The Married Appetite will always hold a special place in my heart since it started as a sharing journal of sorts for me and my husband off and on again over the past three years. As you can easily tell, the idea that we both would post (mostly about our love of food) soon evaporated and it turned to posts mostly about style and entertainment and just good 'ol life from my POV.
That's why I'm moving over to something a little more fresh, simple and well... just down right girly! So stay tuned, more deets coming soooooooonnnn.
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