Monday, June 2, 2014

Happy Anniversary - I CAN believe its been 3 years

Happy Anniversary to my husband of three years!!


Next I would usually launch into the normal speil about how I can't believe that its been three years since I said "I Do" and oh how the time has flown, but this year I'm changing my tune. I CAN believe its been three years!


We've done a lot in these three years of marriage. When I stop to think about the people and couple we were three years ago, I'm happy with who we were then, but even more excited by who we are today.

Call me nostalgic, but I do love a good trip down memory lane, and when I travel back through the past three years I think about how we got our baby Mallie Bird as a puppy sister to Cotton, changed jobs twice, bought our first home, and then our second, moved to Virginia, celebrated family occasions of all sorts, traveled to three different countries and many different cities, have met new best friends and kept in touch and celebrate with the old. Wow we are two blessed people!


Through all these things I've grown and learned more about love and life and what it means to make a marriage work. Every day isn't easy and it does take hard work, but you know what, I can confidently say that every night I fall asleep next to the person that makes my life complete. (yeah, here I go, I'm about to get all mushy...)


My husband builds me up, knows when its beneficial to let me fall, listens to all my crazy ideas, tells me when I'm wrong, even harder, admits when I'm right and loves me every single day unconditionally. I'm so grateful that God chose to put Ryan in my life so early. I'm even further grateful for the journey that Ry and I have embarked on together that makes me say, wow I CAN believe its been three years. And what a great three years its been! Here's to many, many more my love!


PS: All these amazing images were taken by three out-of-this-world-talented photographers Mykal McEldowney of Mykal McEldowney Photography and Tomme Hilton and Erica Billingsley of Tomme Hilton Gallery, go check them out now!
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