Sunday, July 13, 2014

Boston Trip - Part II

We rounded out our trip to Boston with a day filled of my favorite people and some of the best local grub a gal could ever hope for - see our first day of fun here and the Cape wedding we also attended that weekend here. The highlight for me had to be noshing on our second dose of "lobstah" that weekend at Sam's family home in Hingham (the first of course at the wedding). I know I've said it a million times, but the weather you guys, was out of this world amazing that entire weekend!

Before we indulged in those beautiful crustaceans, we made it a priority to stop in the local bagel shop, Atlantic Bagel and Coffee. Ryan and I haven't stopped dreaming about their chewy bagels and luscious cream cheese since our first trip to Hingham.
We both opted for our favorite everything bagel, but I got the veggie cream cheese and Ryan got the lox!
We then drove to Sam's house to spend time with her amazing family and enjoy their backyard, coupled with some lobster and ice cream!
After some quality family time, we headed back to Southie and walked around the neighborhood. I was absolutely amazed by the beach at the end of the street, it was so fun and filled with people our age having an awesome Sunday Funday! 
Later that day, it was off to appetizers and drinks at Legal Seafood's rooftop bar on the Harbor. 
This was Kenzie's first time eating an oyster! We easily washed them down with the most perfect strawberry sangria ever!
Next it was off to the North End for an Italian feast!
We decided on dinner at Tratoria il Panino which was a tiny little place where all the staff, except for the waiters and waitresses at tables, were speaking Italian. 
We started out with an amazing bottle of red and the Mozarella Caprese with imported bufalo mozzarella and backyard tomatoes and basil. This was the best mozzarella I've ever had, and those yellow tomatoes were so sweet and crunchy!
We all opted for pasta of course. Ryan and Sam opted for a red sauce pasta with lots of different types of meat.
Kenzie and I both went for a white sauce pasta, hers the ravioli version of my spaghetti with lots of garlic and cheese!
Obviously Ryan really enjoyed his...
Yes, we're those weirdos that had a Lady and the Tramp moment...
Coffee and dessert was next with cheesecake and tiramisu at a coffee shop down the street. 
Finally, we swung by the famous Mike's Pastry to grab cannolis for breakfast the next morning. 
Gosh what a fun visit that was!! I'm so glad we kicked off our month of travel in Boston! Stay tuned, up next in our June travel is our time in Charleston and Garden City South Carolina.

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