Sunday, July 20, 2014

SO Obsessed Sunday - July 20th Edition!

Happy Sunday lovebirds! 

I'm so excited to bring back SO Obsessed Sundays on the blog along with this fresh new look! This weekend it's hard not to obsess over all the great steals and deals going on out there, like the oh so talked about (and shopped!) Nordstrom Anniversary Sale that's now open to all. I know I'm definitely obsessed with everything in my shopping cart! 

1. YOU! Sales aside though, I'd like to kick off this Sunday's obsessions with you! Yes you! I received so many positive wishes and wonderful encouragement after launching this new blog this week that I just have to say thanks and give a few shout outs...

Allie (@alexandrabeeblog) of Alexandra Bee Blog, you have my heart and this you know! You've been such a good bloggie role model and RVA friend, thanks for sharing and encouraging. Y'all she' seriously awesome, go check her out now!
Other Insta friends that reached out, thank you too! To name a few... 

The Blog Issue (@theblogissue) I can tell is already going to be an obsession once its fully launched, I mean its an online magazine for blog lovers, can you get any more fun?! 

Christine (@seashellsandmagnolias) of Seashells and Magnolias is my kinda gal, she's from RVA, loves Lilly as much as this girl and lives in my home state and favorite city, Charleston, SC!

Julia (@juliarwarren) is the founder of celebrate! RVA which gives disadvantaged children a memorable birthday celebration in a safe and fun environment - now that's a party I can get behind!
Catherine (@portugueseprepster) of Portuguese Prepster is one I love to follow, she's a Virginian living in the big apple and we definitely share a similar love of style and decor!

Thanks for the love ladies!! Oh and there were just so many others that shared and emailed and texted and snapchatted and hey, even gave me some in-person love too, so THANK YOU all!!

2. Planning. **Dork Alert*** There's something about a planner that brings me peace and sanity. Lately, I've been doing a lot of debating on what Lilly planner to spring for this year since they came out weeks and weeks ago. Last year I went for the small agenda in Let's Cha Cha and have been loving it, but think I want something a little larger this go-round. 

Then, I remembered this Erin Condren Life Planner that I've been eyeing for a couple years. So I did it, I took the plunge and ordered mine last week!!!!  After watching this video on the planner, I couldn't resist:

What sold me was the flexibility, creativity and space. You can change out covers, reuse stickers and have plenty of room for notes and lists. I opted for one of the Classic covers in Party Pops White and added the pen holder and couldn't resist the photo stickers to put on my friend's and family's birthdays. I'll be sure to share the final result once it arrives!

3. Jack Rogers new Safari Haircalf sandal. It's no secret we all are head over heels for the southern lady's summer staples Jack Rogers. When I saw these babies come through in my email, I knew I had to have them!
4. So clutch! Ok so I told you the sales are well and alive this week, but one of my biggest wish list items is on major sale right now! The Gigi New York Uber Clutch in (Clemson) Orange is only $72.50 right now! Although, being a believer in the "if it ain't movin', monogram it" saying, I would have to add the $15 personalization, bringing it to $87.50. Still, a steal, considering the original $148 price tag even before personalization.
I love all the ways Caitlin of Southern Curls and Pearls wears her Uber Clutch!
5. Must have necklace! Last but certainly not least, I have been getting compliments galore on my Bouquet Necklace from Purple Peridot and at $24.99, I have to recommend that y'all go scoop one up too! I purchased the Neon Yellow version which is unfortunately sold out now, but I'm still in love with the Purple that is still in stock.

So, what are you obsessing over lately?! Do you share my same love for planning and savvy style finds? I'm always looking for more ideas!

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