Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Erin Condren Planner Review

PLANNNING!!!!! Gah just saying the word brings me joy. I love to plan, make lists, get organized, make dedicated Pinterest boards, ya know all that fun stuff. Yet using my phone as my go-to calendar and planner, while convenient, was just a little lack luster. Enter the Erin Condren Life Planner.
Now, don't get me wrong, I love a Lilly agenda just as much as the next prepster, but there was something about this highly customized EC Life Planner that just got me super excited. I'd been eyeing the planner for a few years now, but decided to take the plunge and purchase it this time around. And oh man how I have been loving this purchase ever since!
I teased the video for you here, and highly recommend you watch that because it gives you the full scope of all the different ways to customize and use the planner. For this post though, I thought I would share detailed pictures and thoughts after having it for almost a month now. Hope you enjoy!

The packaging from the get-go was adorable! Even though mine was left out in the rain, it didn't affect the planner inside.
They even included free labels for all kinds of special occasions and uses!
There are beaucoups of cute pages, designs and quotes throughout the planner too. The covers are hard laminated sheets, but the inside is normal, but thick, paper that is laminated by the spine so it won't easily rip out. The tabs are also laminated.
There's an overview of 2014 and 2015 in the very front which is handy.
The quotes are different each month and are above the monthly overview.
Each week is broken out by day and then by morning, day and night, leaving room at the bottom and side for notes. I love this feature so I can write out my work schedule and my after work activities in detail.
I opted to special order stickers to put on my friend's and family's birthdays, I just thought this was so cute and such a fun reminder!
One thing I really like is all the notebook paper in the back, it definitely doesn't skimp! I actually use this space a lot in my planners, whether its to jot down a quick thought or plan something out on paper while I'm not at home. 
There's also decorative blank paper in the back too.
After the notebook paper and decorative paper, there's a 2016 and 2017 calendar for reference too.
My favorite thing thus far is the labels! They have pre-made ones for birthdays, parties, appointments, mani/pedis, etc. and then blank ones for you to make your own. They're even restickable if you need to peel it off and move it to another date. So fun!
Another bonus is that there is a great folder in the back that comes with a "forget me not" calendar which is a small planner that you can grab and use if you don't need the large one, or if you want an overall look at dates not to forget. As with everything else, it's really super cute.
The folder has pockets on both sides.
Oh and I'm not done folks, there's also a zip pouch which came with even more free labels and calling cards.
I use the moveable ruler all the time to mark my place in the week, I love how it snaps in and out.
One thing that pushed me to order the planner this time around (and yes, I know this sounds so silly) was that I could change out the covers if I got tired of one. I always got hung up on which design to order, but this time I picked my fav of the moment, knowing I could replace it whenever I wanted. 
Another thing I added was the pen holder and I'm so glad I did! It is stretching out a bit already, but I have no trouble holding the pen of my choice in there now.
All in all, I'm definitely in love and find it very functional and fun to use every day! Plus, it looks super cute on my desk at work and is fun to tote around outside of work too!
So, what do you think? Are you convinced? Or are you sticking with your phone or another planner? Let me know in the comments!

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Tybee Island Bachelorette Party!

Y'all know how much I love a celebration! So a whole weekend dedicated to celebrating one of my best gal pals for her bachelorette in Tybee Island, GA had me over the moon! 
I couldn't help but get giddy over the thought of games, gifts, pink, lace, feathers and fun while we were planning the bachelorette festivities. Mikael is such a special friend and I knew we just had to go all out and make this a special weekend for her. Plus, I had only the best bacheorette weekend in the history of bachelorettes ever and really wanted to pay it forward.
In advance of the weekend, we got a group text and email going with everyone but the bride to figure out all the ways to surprise and delight. I threw out a big list of ideas and here's what we ended up settling on:
  • Customized neon oversized tanks - the one's we're wearing above!
  • A fun twist to her lingerie shower (see more below!)
  • A checklist of things for her to do on our big night out
  • Dinner reservations in Savannah on Saturday 
  • A pub crawl via the Savannah Slow Ride before dinner
  • Most meals at the condo
  • Printed pictures of her hung all over the condo
  • Pre-arranged taxi service to take us from Tybee to Savannah
Upon arriving in Tybee we decided to stop for lunch and drinks at AJs Dockside. It was so bright, islandy and fun! 

Then we headed to the condo and had Mikael step out while we hung her lingerie from the ceiling, hung up funny pics and laid out the tanks for her to see for the first time. Everyone brought an app and we munched on all of those goodies for dinner.
For the lingerie, we hung it up for fun and then had her guess which girls bought her which lingerie. It was crazy how accurate she was haha!
The pictures were so fun to look at, reminisce and get some good chuckles from that weekend.
That night, we donned our tanks and went out to a few bars in Tybee where we danced the night away. 
Saturday we woke up and headed to the beach and pool for the day. 
We then got ready and headed into Savannah for our Slow Ride Pub Crawl! The bride wore the most perfect white dress and we all wore black with fun accessories. 
It was so fun to see Savannah from the seat of the bike/bar. It was even better to take pit stops at fun places for drinks in between. In Savannah you can drink anywhere with an open plastic cup, so we were able to carry our cocktails with us along the way. I mean, you have to have a refreshing drink while pedaling that thing (although, really its not much work ha).
There was an hour to kill in between the slow ride and our dinner reservations so we stopped in the Franklin Square area for a drink and to start checking things off her list of bachelorette to-dos!
Dinner that night was at The Florence which is Hugh Acheson's new restaurant in Savannah. When I heard it would be open by the time we were down there, I got so excited! It was great for our group too because they have everything from pizzas to full entrees. Plus, the rooftop bar was pretty great before we went down for dinner.
The menu was so amazing, it was really hard to choose what to get! The menu changes often, but trust me when I say you can't go wrong! Here's some peeks at what we ordered...
What a fun weekend it was! I rode the train home early on Sunday morning and was just happy I made it to the station before it was all aboard by 8am! I can't wait to stand by this pretty lady's side come December and was so happy we got this time together with some of her closest gal pals to celebrate her upcoming nuptials to Ty Ty!
What are some other fun bachelorette party ideas?! 

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