Thursday, August 7, 2014

A Trip To Southern Season

We recently noticed a lot of construction going up around the corner from our house and couldn't wait to find out what was going in all the spaces. One of the largest buildings ended up being a Southern Season and I couldn't be more excited!
I first heard about Southern Season when my friend Susan sent me the link, noting it was opening just around the corner from my house. If you haven't heard of Southern Season, it's "the premier destination for specialty food, gift and entertaining items". It's been featured in Travel + Leisure, Southern Living and on Food Network.
I love that not only do they feature tons of specialty, local food items, but they also hold cooking classes, have a full service bar, restaurant with an outside patio, PLUS they have a bakery, pre-made dinners, a candy and ice cream bar and a cheese area too! Phew, that was a long sentence and I don't think I even mentioned the charcuterie or bridal registration either! Don't worry, if you're not in or near RVA, they also have locations in Charleston and Chapel Hill. 
Since every night this week has been a late one between work and then personal errands and appointments, it just has me plain exhausted! The thought of a pre-made dinner from Southern Season right around the corner sounded just about perfect. First I had to do a lap around the store to check it out though!
The flowers, OH the flowers!! They were so gorgeous! I was excited to see those purple, fluffy, round Allium flowers in the upper right of the picture, which were also in full bloom all around Boston when we were there in June.
I loved seeing all the Le Creuset beautifully displayed! Anyone who's been to my home knows how this colorful cookware decorates the dining room and kitchen!
I didn't go inside, but I'm dying to try the restaurant, Southerlyhere's a link to the menus. I'm eyeing the Chicken & Waffle side plate that comes with a crispy thigh, hoop cheddar waffle and tabasco vinaigrette. Or how about the Virginia Rockfish with artichoke and lump crab salad, new potatoes and lemon aioli - YUM!
I was very tempted to go for one of the subs sandwiches because they looked so fresh and delicious, but instead opted for a wedge (yes, wedge) of Mac & Cheese and a side of Caprese Salad.
Even though my trip was pretty quick, I can't wait to go back and explore more. Translation - I need to block 2 hours and go down every aisle and taste test every morsel, then stop by the restaurant for a drink and munchies on the patio. I see a future date night coming on...

So have you ever been to a Southern Season? What are some of your favorite items?

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