Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Touring Richmond, Family Style

I just spent a great, extended weekend with my family down on the beach in SC and it made me realize how blessed I've been to get to see them a lot lately. They were actually just up in Richmond three weeks ago for a summer visit. Even though we're only two states away, I still feel like the distance is a lot farther sometimes.

Last year when we first moved to Richmond, my little brother came up to visit for a week and it was SO much fun. This year, the entire family decided to join along and my brother and sister stayed during the week this time and my parents came up on the weekends. 
Since they've now been to Richmond a few times, I struggled at first with what to do, but after the gears started turning, I realized there's actually so much we haven't done yet in this wonderful city that I call home! (In other words, this is a lengthy post, but I couldn't help sharing all the fun!)

On Saturday, we woke up and headed straight to the South of the James Farmers Market to get Mrs. Yoder's donuts and some ingredients for lunch later that day. I love tomatoes and the Dill and Garlic Goat Cheese from Goats-R-Us. Ryan really missed out (can't feel too bad for him, he was at "Man Weekend")! Although, he did get to join in on the fun during the week and the next weekend when he was back.
Later Saturday, we were feeling quite heavy from donuts, goat cheese, fresh sourdough and tomatoes, so we went over to Belle Isle Park and walked the loop, stopping to take in some of the cool sights too.
(I cracked up at this selfie, including a creepy photobomb from my brother)
My Dad surprised us too by buying us a tour of Richmond via Segway!! It was a BLAST y'all!!! Those things are so much fun and it was such a cool way to see the city. I never wanted to get off!
 Ally was chosen to go first when we were all starting to learn how to ride, she did so good!
At no hint of being a Clemson fan, I got the tiger segway, it was perf!
One of my favorite sights was the art along the Canal Walk! Artists were commissioned to come to Richmond to paint these for the RVA Street Art Festival and they are awesome!
It was really fun to zip around Brown's Island too!
 We also went around the Capital and the Governor's Mansion.
During the week, we had lots of pizza, game nights and some other fun activities thrown in like Dave and Busters!

We had to get Nick's favorite donuts in town from Sugar Shack. This time, Ryan came back with Maple Fried Chicken donuts, say whaaaaaaa!
We also went on a shopping adventure at Forever21 for Ally and Vineyard Vines and Natty Beau for Nick!
When my parents came back Saturday of the last weekend they were here, it was gorgeous weather so we decided to grill out! Then on Sunday after church, we headed to Church Hill to walk around and eat some grub!
I've never really walked around Church Hill, but I'm so glad we did because its gorgeous and there's so many yummy restaurants!
We had lunch at Alamo BBQ and it did not disappoint! I love that they have more than just a BBQ plate, they've got all kinds of unique sandwiches and sides too.
We continued our walk only to end up eating again, this time finishing off with dessert at Proper Pie!
What a fun weekend that was! I can't wait for them to come visit again already, but am glad that we had such a fun (although super rainy) time with them at the beach!

Richmonders, what are your favorite destinations that I should take them to next time they're in town?

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