Monday, November 17, 2014

The Biggest Little Announcement!

Hi friends! Gosh it feels good to be back! Not just back on the blog, but feeling back to life :). 

In case you missed the news...
That's riiiggghhhhtttt, we're PREGNANT! And we're counting down the weeks to April 19th, although they're flying by a little too fast if you ask me. 

Pregnancy is such an amazing experience and it's so cool to track week by week the progress we're making. The first trimester was a tad rough, mainly from exhaustion which is why I'm so excited to feel like I'm back to life and can't wait to get back to blogging!

One of my favorite parts by far has been announcing to our family and friends we're expecting. Here's some of my favorite moments... 

We Facetimed with my parents and told them and as you can see they were very excited (and Dad was a little emotional if you ask me :)). My little brother and sister weren't around when we told my parents, but we did get a recording of their reactions later. It's so hard being away from them during this time!

One that I'm SO glad we got on video was when we told my Mother-In-Law for her 50th birthday. It made it even better because my Sisk and Ohio family were there too!

The videos were so long, so we split them up. In the first one we're explaining to Mom that we made her a box of 50 love notes for her to read throughout her 50th year. And then we handed her a special one to start with...
The pictures stuck together some, but after she got them apart and read them, the reactions were amazing...

Here are the photos we gave her announcing her real gift was on the way...

Then we got to celebrate in Charlotte all weekend! Ryan even got to see his bestie and tell him in person.

We Facetimed my Nana and Papa on their iPad (aren't they so savvy) and here was their reaction, so sweet!

Another fun announcement was to our group of friends for Clemson weekend this year! Seeing one of my bestie's reactions was priceless, I'm so glad I got to tell her in person.

(yes that's me taking a cookie butter "shot" while everyone else takes a real shot ha)

On our way home from Clemson we swung by Greenville to say hello to my family and I got one of my favorite pictures. This is my Aunt Kristen pregnant with baby Lizzie and me pregnant with our little one, only five months apart!

We also got to tell Ryan's Dad in person and saw my family during that trip too. 

These are a little dark, but I loved the reaction from some of our closest friends, Tyler and Mikael, too! 

Other announcements were just as special and happened via phone and in-person. They were all so fun to share and celebrate! Each one made it more and more real and I am still completely overwhelmed at all the people who already love and pray for this little one!

I can't wait to share more, stay tuned! 

Mamas-to-be, who else is having a spring baby?! I know that there's quite a lot of us out there, must be something in the water :). 

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