Friday, January 30, 2015

Valentine's Day Gift Guide Under $40

Last year I was so excited and ahead of the game when it came to Valentine's Day, I even sent out customized cards to each of my friends. It was so adorbs, click here to see more

This year, I don't have my stuff together as much and outside of work, find my mind only able to process the MASSIVE to-do list I have growing for before baby arrives. So I decided to share some of my favorite Valentine's gift ideas here this year instead.

Hope you enjoy these funny, sweet and cute finds just as much as I did!

1. Framebridge "Heartstagram" Framed Photo - I've been dying to try out Framebridge and send photos and art I've been hoarding for years for framing on the cheap. When I saw this cute heart frame with an Instagram picture for under $40, it instantly flew on my favorites list. 

2. Dove Dark Chocolate Hearts - Dark chocolate is my most favorite and Dove's rocks. Enough said.

3. 5' Heart Garland - For only $7 I love this Valentine's decor from TransparentEsDecor's Etsy store whether its for your office, a girls get together or your sweetheart at home. Oh and they also have really cute rain drop and gold garland too!

4. Holla Bear - Just go to the website and look what the text on these silly little bear's hearts say. Guaranteed laugh, just trust me! I'll give you a hint, one starts with the word "Shawty".  

5. PaperSource Hedgehugs card - I mean, how stinkin cute is this card? 

6. Reese's Hearts - Maybe its pregnancy, maybe its just my love for chocolate, but these Reese's hearts are better than the original to me!

7. Lush The Kiss Lip Gloss - I love all Lush products and would love to try this one out for a special Valentine's Day smooch. 

8. A Dozen Roses - Call me old fashioned, but I just love a good bouquet of roses like these from ProFlowers. Kudos to your special someone if they mix in some other more current blooms too!

9. Heart Mug - I'm a sucker for a cute mug (even though I don't drink coffee, only tea) and thought this one from PaperSource was so perfect for this lovie holiday.

10. Floral Robe - I have been dying for a beautiful, floral robe and loved this one from WeddingSong's Etsy page, especially for only $22. I think its the perfect little flirty number for this day!

So what are you loving for Valentine's Day, either from the above or what you've seen out and about?! 
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