Sunday, February 1, 2015

January Bumpdate!

Happy February and Super Bowl Sunday y'all! I decided after the holidays that I had to get on my plan to post weekly updates, but also wanted to be realistic, so called it a truce and landed on monthly bumpdates! 

You can see my first general holiday bumpdate here. Now on to January... 

In week 26 we started on the nursery, clearing it out and Ryan starting the priming of the ceiling and the walls. To see my inspiration board for the nursery, check out this post. I really felt good during this week with high energy and just an overall love of being pregnant.
Little girl is growing, growing, growing! I feel like I'm bigger every single day that I wake up. It's amazing (ok, and a bit scary) to think that she's going to go from her current 2.5 lbs. to 6+ lbs. in less than three months. Being only 5'2" with no torso whatsoever, I am a little scared how this growing gal is going to fit!

By week 27 we realized we were really only calling her by one name and it just felt so right. We had a huge list at first, got down to three names and now know that we have the right name! Stay tuned though, we've decided to keep this little tid-bit between the three of us for now. 
I gave Ry the job of taking these photos considering pregnancy brain is in full effect these days. It seems he has it too though :). Then we always scramble at the end of the week and I end up with photos in my yoga and running errands clothes vs.  some of my more favorite preggo outfits I wear to work.

Week 28 means I'm officially in my final trimester (crazy!) and I have to say that the uncomfortableness is really starting to set in, especially when trying to sleep. I'm also having a lot of anxiety here lately thinking about the ever-growing list of things to do before she arrives. 
Any mamas have cures for this anxiety? Prenatal yoga is one saving grace, but I can only seem to fit it in twice a week.

I'm so excited to keep these updates going so I can look back on these weeks leading up to meeting our little one!
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