Wednesday, February 18, 2015

My Very First Baby Shower!

The other weekend I took advantage of the last weekend that I was approved to travel and hopped on a short plane ride down to my hometown of Greenville, SC for my very first baby shower!
My Mom, Nana and two awesome previous neighbors/family friends threw this shower and everything from the decor to food and company was just so much fun. 
After everyone arrived, we all sat down for a nice lunch and cupcakes!
Since I flew, my Mom had most people send gifts straight to our house, but it was fun to open the ones people brought as well. Luckily my Dad and sister were coming up the weekend after the shower, so they brought the in-person gifts up with them.
I had a hard time deciding what to wear and honestly forgot to pick something out until right before I went to pack. This outfit I wore is actually all regular Target and I loved it, although I'm thinking something actual maternity may have photographed better :). 
The trip was way too short, but it was so special to spend this time with everyone and celebrate baby girl! So crazy that the countdown is ON y'all, we're now in our 30s, with only 9 weeks to go, eek!
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