Saturday, March 14, 2015

DIY Ikea Hack: Chic RAST Bedside Tables

Today I'm SO excited to share this DIY Ikea hack with you because I am in love, love, love with how it turned out! Oh and did I mention that in the end, these babies only cost us $66 each!
We've needed bedside tables in our master bedroom for a while and I'm a huge fan of adding more storage whenever I can, so when we saw the Ikea RAST chest for only $34.99 I knew we could take these and make something perfect.
I originally loved this dresser from Anthropologie, but it retails at $798 and of course was way out of our budget. So I used this as inspiration to transform our Ikea chests.
To get started you have to wipe down the pieces to get rid of excess dust or debris, fill in the original handle holes with wood putty (if you want one single pull) and then paint them! Originally I thought I wanted to do a dark stain on these, but it wouldn't take to the wood, so I went back to the original inspiration and opted for the color Tide Pools by Behr. My MIL is amazing and actually did all of the grunt work when it came to painting and putting them together since I was preggers and couldn't inhale the fumes. Can't thank her enough for this!!

After everything dried and was assembled, we attached some cheap brackets from Home Depot and gorgeous handle pulls by Martha Stewart that I ordered online. 

In the end, they turned out amazing and I love them even more every time I walk into our bedroom. Here's the breakdown of materials and final cost:

2 Chests ($34.99/each) - $69.98
1 Pint of Paint - $10
Wood Putty - $6.48
6 Handles ($4.49/each) - $26.94 
8 Packages of Brackets ($2.47/package) - $19.76
TOTAL: $133.16
I loved the antler lamp I found at Home Goods for Ryan's side of the bed, but wanted something a little more feminine and smaller for my side, so I opted for the white lamp you see above. I still have some styling to do on the items on top of the tables, so stay tuned. 

We also just got the new bed frame off of Craigslist which is originally from Arhaus and I still need to get bedding (the duvet on there is actually still our Queen set from Pottery Barn ha). What would you do? Go neutral? Or keep a light pattern like our old set that you see in the photo above?
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