Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Maternity Photo Shoot!

I started getting a little sentimental about not having many maternity photos so I enlisted the help of Allison Shumate Photography, who also took the photos for this blog! We decided to do a few photos in the nursery, guest bedroom because of the great light and then outdoors where I was so excited to don a floral crown made by Proper Petal
I was glad to get some photos at our home too so I could have the pups involved!
More of these to come, but here's a sneak peek at one of our nursery photos!
Now, to my fellow (and future) preggo ladies, I would maybe suggest you take your photos earlier than I did seeing as this was right when I was put on bed rest and I was swollen and retaining water beyond belief. Regardless, I'm so glad we did these so I have some snaps with baby girl before she arrived!
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