Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Sullivan Louise: 2 Weeks Old & An Exciting Announcement!

Before we get to the Sully lovin' and update, I first want to share some really, really exciting news for this little blog and new mama! I am partnering with a brand that is now SO essential to our everyday life, Desitin

Coming soon, I'll be guest blogging for them, but TONIGHT we're starting the excitement early by kicking off with a Twitter party tonight (5/6) at 8pm ET. Follow me (@erinnphillips), @Desitin, and co-host @theMotherhood on Twitter, along with the hashtag #TushyTalk. Don't you just love that hashtag!

Sully has had varying levels of diaper rash these past two weeks, so Desitin has been a saving grace. Tonight I'll be sharing my experience through the theme that every diaper change is a Change for the Better. By getting through her diaper rash, I get to enjoy better moments with my happy baby, thank goodness!
Now, let's talk baby girl and how our first two weeks have gone. Brace yourself, this is a little bit of a long post, but is full of sweet Sully photos!

I truly feel like I could start every single one of these posts by saying, "my oh my how time flies"! This past Sunday Sully turned 2 weeks old. She's growing so fast and looks different to me already, with her face more full and things like her eyes and neck quickly gaining more control. 
We had a pretty busy week with visitors, trying to start a schedule and venturing out of the house. My Mom was still in town (thank goodness) and we decided that we would try to start a schedule. A friend recommended the Moms On Call books to me and the one for 0-6 months has a great schedule breakdown included. I have to say its actually going pretty well so far, the hardest part for Sully being that she does not like the flat Pack 'n Play that we're using as a crib beside our bed right now. She was sleeping in the Rock n' Play during the first week which definitely cradled her more, see below. 
Even though the sleep has been a tad rocky, I'm thanking God for how well breastfeeding is going! And Sully's not the only one who has been well fed, our amazing friends and family have brought or sent food for us over the past two weeks and continue to reach out. Here's a peek at the yumminess they brought - thank you to the Kelley, Innes, Drumwright and Hallisey Families!
In addition to the food, we've had visitors stop by to say hello and I'm kicking myself for not getting photos of everyone, but here's a few I did remember to grab!
You may recognize Allie from the blog Alexandra Bee Blog!
Four generations!!
My little brother and sister were so cute with their little niece! 
When my Mom left on Saturday, we luckily had my Nana and Aunt Kristen here who were a huge help this past weekend. It really was extra special to have them here because Nana is busy with 13 grandchildren (now with 1 great grandchild!) and my Aunt busy with her three little kids as well, so having them travel to VA from SC and spend the entire weekend with us was such a treat.
We even managed to venture out one day to eat at my Nana's favorite RVA restaurant, Can Can, and another day to Carters and OshKosh for some shopping. The trick was going right after feeding when she was as I like to say, "milk drunk", and sleepy. The car puts her right to sleep too, so she was great. Success!!
Now it's just our little family this week and I have to admit I was a little nervous. It's been so nice to be able to take long showers and take naps because I have family here who couldn't wait to love on little Sully. But so far, we're doing well and have to say it is pretty exciting to play (for real) house. Sully thinks so too... :)
Disclosure: I was not compensated for this post, however I am being compensated for my overall partnership with Desitin. All opinions are my own and not influenced in any way.
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