Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Farewell 2015

With such a full heart I'm surprisingly happy to say farewell to 2015. 
This year will always be one of the best years of my life since we welcomed Miss Sully in April, but it also was a year of a lot of change. I'm a fan of change, anyone can see that by looking at the past few years of our lives, but when everything changes all at once it's a little different. 
This year we were pregnant, celebrated with baby showers, I got put on bedrest (see the full story here), Ryan got a new car, Ryan accepted a new job, we went through the process of selling our beloved home in Richmond, Sully was born, Ryan's father passed away, we rented a new home in Arlington, we moved cities, this little blog grew and presented amazing opportunities, we survived the first three months of having a newborn far away from family and friends, we went on vacations, I went back to work from maternity leave (same job, new office, new city), I got promoted, Ryan's Mom had major surgery, we cheered our Tigers throughout an undefeated season, I got a new car, and now we're all loaded up in one car (including dogs, luggage, and Christmas presents) driving to Florida and then back to DC after the new year (that's about 16-18 hours all the way back if you're wondering). Phew!
There's only so much a gal can take y'all and everything this year about broke me. Just before it did though, when I was at my lowest point, everything slowly started clicking back in place even though it was a very new place. First and foremost, through heavy prayer, God filled me again with light and warmth, a feeling that needs no explanation. My husband, my Mom, my best friends, my family near and far, my friends close or just acquaintances, they all came through for me (this one sentence doesn't even start to cover everyone!). This is why I stressed full in my first sentence. My life is so very full. I'm one blessed lady to have such a full life and a full heart. Sometimes you have to get a glimpse of the darkness to remember how truly amazing the light is. 
This is why I want to make sure I closed out my last post of 2015 with a look back and huge THANK YOU. If you read this long, sappy post to the end, THANK YOU. Even if you only scrolled through to look at the pictures THANK YOU. I'm excited to turn the final page of 2015 and experience all that 2016 has to hold. I'll tell you one thing now, there's already big things in motion for this blog and I can't wait to share and experience all that is to come with you.
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