Thursday, December 24, 2015

#TBT: Sully's 6 Month Photos

Hey readers, guess what?! Not only is it #TBT, but its also MY BIRTHDAY!!! Yay! This (28th) birthday has so far been the best one yet because I got to wake up to a smiling, snuggly little baby girl :). I've also taken this whole week off work so its been pure relaxation and quality family time with all my South Carolina peeps. 

Good thing I've had these #TBT posts to keep me motivated because other posts have fallen a little short with all the hustle and bustle of traveling and family time lately, my bad. (Note to self: Make posting more a priority in 2016, I have so much in the queue to talk about!) 

This week though, I'm so happy to finally share a "mini session" we did with Allison Shumate Photogarphy for Sully's 6 month photos at Clark's Farm

Enjoy, and Merry Christmas friends!
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