Sunday, January 31, 2016

Best Purchases of 2015

On this last day of January (which is still considered the new year, right(?!)), I am again pinching myself that time is flying! I'm also remembering all the great memories (see here) and now purchases of 2015 and thought I would share some of those with you here today. Enjoy our fav style, baby and home purchases of 2015!
Hands down one of the best 2015 purchases. This will be a coat I wear for years and years to come. It is so warm, fits perfect (mine's size 6, so go down a size), the faux fur is removable and I literally get compliments on the color and coat every time I wear it out and about. Grace, blogger over on The Stripe loves this coat too and looks adorable in her jacket here.
To say I lived in these pants at the end of my pregnancy and postpartum the rest of the year would be an understatement. The "full-on" was the key. I wore the full-on flap up and it helped hold everything in, Mamas you know what I mean ;). I know they're pricy at $98, but y'all they are SO worth it!

Joie Monty Boots in Sandstone (on major sale now!) 
The moment I saw these I was in love. I have worn them probably every other day since its gotten cooler. They're the most comfortable bootie from the color, to the heel, to the materials. Now they're on major sale and I'm seriously considering buying them in the black colorway too. 
This one and the next are for the guys. Ryan wears this belt almost everyday and it makes a great gift for the stylish man in your life. In fact, I think we got my Dad this belt last year which is why Ryan put it on his list for 2015. 

This is an awesome company if y'all haven't checked it out yet, go do it now. I think Ryan is up to five pairs of these pants and lives in them for casual work days. I personally love the pockets that have some cool detail. We got most of his during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale (see my picks from this year here) when they're such a good deal. He wore the khaki ones in our Southern Weddings feature
Photo by Liz Fogarty Photography
When Sully wasn't just a little nugget in our arms, this jumperoo became the best purchase ever, she LOVED it! Plus, we could actually get stuff done while she bounced away and we knew she was safe (granted, we never left her alone in the room, we just brought it wherever we were). 

We use Desitin every single time we change Sully's diaper, so this not only has been one of our best purchases of 2015, but most frequent too. I even collaborated with them as a guest Mommy blogger here, here and here
I bought some plain crib sheets from one of my fav big box stores as a back up to Sully's gold polka dot crib sheet from Land of Nod. Well, they're now at Goodwill and I purchased a backup from Land of Nod instead because they're just that good. They're durable in the wash, soft, pretty and I just feel better about my little girl sleeping on them. May sound weird, but check them out if you're a Mama or soon-to-be Mama (see the gold dot changing pad cover above too).
Photo by Liz Fogarty Photography
Ryan and I discovered this hand soap at Target in 2015 and haven't been able to buy anything since. Although, the Rosemary is pretty good too. You feel so clean, refreshed and the smell is unbeatable!

We live in a rental, but we still want it to feel like home (see full home tour here). When it came time to spruce up the "man cave" for cheap, I turned to the Ekby shelves to build this unit around the TV. The shorter shelves are $9.99, the longer, $14.99 and the brackets are $3.00, so the whole thing cost $106 for custom shelves that look great.
Photo by Liz Fogarty Photography
Kingsize Bed and Mattress
Finally, this by far was one of our best purchases in 2015. We actually found this Arhaus four poster bed (posts removed due to ceiling height) on Craigslist (my JAM!) and the mattress is a bed in a box from Costco (see the full story here). With another human in our lives, it makes sleeping with us and the two dogs much easier!
Photo by Liz Fogarty Photography
There you have it! What do you think folks, what are your favorite purchases from 2015?

Friday, January 29, 2016

Five on Friday

Happy Friday readers! I love seeing some of my favorite bloggers (A. Liz Adventures, Carolina Charm, Alexandra Bee Blog) post their Five on Friday and thought I would join in this week. 

I just have to share this product which I'm in love with now. I always, always, always forget to charge my phone and can never find my charger. So when I found this leather tassel charger from Belkin (only $29.99 at Target right now), I was sold. I bought it in pink and have it hanging on my work bag so I'm never without a charge. 
Taking my friend Allie's lead from her Five on Friday, I'm so excited to share that we're attending the Southern C Summit in April! I read a lot of blog posts from past years and connected with ladies who are going this year, and I'm just SO EXCITED! Are you going? Let me know in the comments so we can connect!
Yesterday, a beautiful little box from Paperless Post Paper came in the mail for Miss Sully! It was the invitations for her first birthday which is actually on April 19, but we're celebrating in SC on May 1st after the Southern C Summit. Can you tell I like to plan ahead? More to come on the party planning for this one! 

(Side note, Greenville friends/family, let me know if you're in town that weekend)
I took a very rare trip to Target by myself and it felt like old times when I wasn't trying to entertain my little one and rush shop to knock things off my list (Mamas, you know what I mean!). It was pretty fantastic. Speaking of fantastic, I was swooning over the entire home section this time. I posted everything on Snapchat (follow me @ephilli), but here are some fav shots:
Anyone else loving woven wall decor right now?
My happy cart! Yes, that is a fake plant. Add it to the list of things I never said I would buy, but I did.
So this wasn't bought in store, but I'm LOVING Oh Joy! for Target's collection right now and bought these online.
Speaking of Snapchat (again, I'm @ephilli), I am so in love with this social platform! I added a ton of new folks this week and am feeling so inspired and connected. Are you on it yet? If so, leave your username in the comments, I want to follow you! Here's a favorite snap I shared this week and a sneak peek at the invites for Sully I mentioned:
I hope to keep these going each week and can't wait to connect with other bloggers and friends through this linkup! 

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Baby's First Snow!

Hey, did y'all hear it snowed recently? Just kidding. I know everyone is tired of hearing about #Jonas, but when your chunky little baby puts on a marshmallow suit for her first snow, you just have to share pictures. Am I right?!
This is how deep the snow was y'all! Ryan dug out this little spot just for his girl.
We live a bridge away from DC and got hit hard, I'm talking like 3 feet of snow in the front yard, which is pretty much the most snow I've ever seen in my life. Sully was curious, but overall pretty much hated not being able to move in her snowsuit and the fact that snow is cold and wet. That said, we did get some pretty cute pictures of our silly little girl...
Not feeling the snow angel idea.
Snow bunny!
Constantly just confused by what was going on, so funny!
There's a smile!!
I love her sucked in cheeks and fishy lips in this photo
This photo cracks me up! See how stiff she is in this snowsuit...
We of course can't forget our OG babies, Cotton and Mallie enjoying the snow... or just Mallie, Cotton was partial to the porch and just wanted to go inside. 
Snow is Mallie's jam, she was in heaven.
Anyone following Tuckernuck on Insta? If you are, you might have seen this crazy guy (also known as my hubby) on there in his snow chair, drinking a beer, wearing his Vintage Ski jacket and Chubbies 'MERICA shorts
Don't worry, goofing off wasn't the only thing we did, we also got some PJ snuggles! 
We also watched the Panthers game (woo hoo! #keeppounding) with new friends. Funny enough, we met Catherine and Will because Catherine reached out after we were both featured on Southern Weddings. So happy she did! See their GORGEOUS winter wedding here and our home feature here.
Finally, just for perspective, here's a before picture taken Friday night and an after taken Saturday morning.
How did you guys "weather" the storm? Who else got crazy inches of snow?

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

The Best Breastfeeding Cover

Whether you're a Mama or not, most gals love (with a capital L-O-L-O-L-O-V-E) an infinity scarf. Especially one that's super soft, stretchy and, if you do happen to be a Mama, multi-functional!
Enter the Infinifeed by Designs by Pebblehut. Y'all, I'm not kidding, this is the best scarf I now own, regardless of its amazing breastfeeding capabilities. If you've been reading along, you know I broke up with breastfeeding in this letter here :), but man how I wish I had had this beauty all along!  
Start by draping around neck with the seam in the back.
Bring the arm through that you are not going to be holding baby with, for me, that's my right.
Pull the fabric forward and drape over the feeding arm.
Add baby and voila! Obviously, Sully is just modeling here :).
You can see above how pretty and functional it is (more designs and colors available too). All the Mamas out there would give a hand raising emoji to the fact that all you want is to feel normal after having a baby and this scarf/breastfeedig cover does the trick. 
Thought this candid was funny. Getting ready sure is different and adventurous with a baby!
I even like it long and loopy, not just double draped. 
Now y'all know I can't talk about anything baby related without sharing some Sully photos. I love Letty's headbands in the same soft, stretchy material as the scarf. You can purchase them here. Don't forget to check out the slouchy beanies too for your little man!
These were taken about 10 minutes before nap time, can you tell?!
I couldn't resist - THOSE THIGHS! 
My sweet little brown eyed girl.
I also like this turban style that we have in black that matches my scarf.
Thanks Auntie B for this adorable Kate Spade baby girl dress!
These cat shoes from Old Navy (from Halloween, but there are some on eBay) get me every time!
So, what do you think? Best breastfeeding cover ever or what?! And those headbands... don't even get me started!

By the way, this post is sponsored by Letty and Designs by Pebblehut. While she provided the goods, all opinions are my own. 
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