Thursday, January 21, 2016

Sullivan Louise: 9 Month Update

Happy 9 months Sullivan Louise! How?! How oh how oh how has time flown by this fast?!
This week my sweet baby girl hit the 9 month mark and it felt like a really big milestone, y'all. I have loved telling Sully about how she was in Mommy's belly longer than she's been out in this big wide world. And yes, technically, pregnancy is 10 months, but 9 is just engrained in everyone's head, including my own. I'm a little sad I can't say this anymore {insert tears streaming emoji}. 
We actually went to the get Sully's 9 month checkup on her 9 month "birthday" and she did great. She's in the 77th percentile for weight and 82nd percentile for length. Go girl go! She also got her third hepatitis shot and a finger prick so they could test her hemoglobin. When the appointment was over we scheduled her 1 year checkup. Can't even talk about that. Moving on...
The wind chill brought the temperature feel to -3 degrees! Sully was all bundled up and oh so cute.
Sully on the left at her four month checkup and on the right at her nine month!
I'm loving this age, Sully has SUCH a personality, it's insane. Here are some major milestones:

She knows what "Mama kiss" means and plays like she doesn't hear me before planting a big open mouth kiss on my face. Heart. Melts. 
She also is giving the best hugs, especially when she wakes up. She even gave the doctor a big hug at her appointment and it was adorable. 
Sully was giving Mama hugs while Daddy was taking pictures for our post over on Owlet's blog, check it out here
She's crawling around and pulling up on everything, nothing is safe. She's getting really brave too and completely lets go for a second before plopping right down on the ground. One of her favorite things to do is hold your hands and walk around.
I mean... baby Uggs?! Thanks Aunt Chong (and family!). 
She's had her two bottom teeth for over a month and now has her top teeth popping through.
Look at those two teeth!! Not pictured her new two front teeth up top. 
Eating is no problem for this girl, especially when it comes to solids. Although, she does find it hilarious to feed her puppy brother and sister from her highchair. 
She loves her some eggs for dinner!
That little belly has gotten quite round from her good eating and she's in 12-18 month old clothes these days. Do any other Mamas cry every time you have to pack away those tiny little clothes?

I could go on and on, but those are the big things for now. I'm struggling in these cold winter days though and feel bad for Mrs. Wendy (our nanny) too, how do you guys mix up play time when you can't go outside?
PS: How about some outtakes? I couldn't help but share these two funny bloopers!
Sully is on the move, so naturally she falls a lot. This in-action falling shot of her makes me laugh (no babies were harmed in the taking of this photo). 
Bankie is her favorite thing right now, so she kept chasing it around the room wherever I put it and kept burying her face in it!
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