Friday, February 5, 2016

Five on Friday

Haaappyyyyy FriYAY readers! Too much? Haven't had your coffee (x2) yet today? 

Well, here's something to ease you in... my 5 on Friday. I have to say I'm super proud of this week's five. I'm trying to make more of an effort to focus on what really matters this year by being present. When thinking back on the week, I'm happy to see my five reflect more of what matters to me - friends, family time, health and community.

I shared in this post that last year was a bit of a rollercoaster. It was obviously the best year of my life (welcome to the world sweet baby Sully!), but also one of the most difficult. Something I've known all along, but think I lost sight of has resurfaced and keeps playing through in my head. Happiness is a choice. It's a conscious decision you make every single day to always take the positive path. Anyone else believe this wholeheartedly too?

Ok, ok before I get sucked down the rabbit hole called reflection, let's just go on and jump into 5 on Friday... 
Soaking in baby. I'm convinced there's no better feeling in the world than snuggling your squishy baby - not even sinking a bite into a fresh and sugary pink donut ;). Sully hasn't fallen asleep taking her bottle in a long time (one thing I miss about breastfeeding!), but this week she did. Oh how sweet it was. 
This is usually what happens while trying to soak in baby. #selfiefail
Notice her top tooth! PS: Downloaded this from my Snapchat feed. Follow along on Snapchat @ephilli.
I can't help but share these I found on my phone after flipping through this week either. 
This baby loves a straw! Especially if it's Kate Spade, just like her "Cat's Meow" top. 
Just a casual convo with Mr. George of the Jungle.
Those chunky, rolly little hands that I just want to eat every single day!
Reconnecting with the mat. In my mind I had totally convinced myself I was going to rock the at-home early morning workout. When I went almost all of January without a single workout, I knew it was time for a different strategy. So I took advantage of a new client special at a local yoga studio. I'm loving the wide variety including hot yoga, flow and barre that they offer. Next up, taking a spin at Pure Barre
New friends. Sooooo making friends as an adult, is like, kinda hard. Especially in a city where most people are solely career-focused and definitely don't have or even want kids at our age. Just when I had almost given up hope though, we had a few great strangers, now friends, cross our path. Can I get sappy again like I did in the beginning? Just for one sec, promise... Invest in people, not things folks, they make choosing happiness much easier. 
Embracing my black thumb. I was SUPER excited about getting a fiddle-leaf fig, then we left for Christmas and New Years (in Miami, Go Tigers!) and I forgot about it. Dead as a doornail y'all. There was no reviving the poor thing. Instead, I invested in some fake greenery (never say never) at Target (only $19.99!) and got to style it this week in my home office and I couldn't be more happy.
Closed Facebook groups. Are you guys a part of any of these? I'm on some for Lilly (here, here, here, herechat, popovers, kids) Blogging (VA, here, here, Moms), the Southern C Summit I talked about last week and even one for my planner (FB page here, more to come on this later, right now on sale!). I love the encouragement and online communities in these groups and am really thankful to have added a lot to my list this week.
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