Friday, February 26, 2016

Five on Friday

It's Fridayyyy, it's fridayyyy, woo hoo! I actually took today off because we have two of our best friends in town from SC. We're going to spend the day being total tourists since they have never been to DC. Stay tuned in on Snapchat (@ephilli) as we go around the city today. 

I'm SO excited about my first Five on Friday. Our friends Will and Catherine's completely adorable apartment (+completely adorable doodle Pippa) are featured over on Southern Weddings today
Catherine is also launching a blog which you can get a peek at here. Fun fact, we actually met this gorgeous couple when Catherine emailed me from seeing our home tour on Southern Weddings. Now we've become fast friends!

I recently discovered the shop LaRoque out of Charleston and I'm obsessed with everything! My favorites being the top below that I saw on their Instagram, this light pink buffalo check top and this dress that's perfect for Carolina Cup (where Ryan and I met). The clothes aren't cheap, but considering what I'm willing to buy a Lilly top or dress for, these aren't any more expensive.
Brunch with Sully's bestie. We went to brunch last weekend with Sully's bestie who is in the nanny share with us. We went to Bar Deco and it was delish! I would highly recommend it to anyone in DC looking for a good brunch. It's a really cool vibe and the food was so yummy. See Maya's (who took the adorable pics below) full recap on her blog here. It was the perfect prep for Sully's first birthday theme, Babies who Brunch, which you can read more about here
I'm already dreaming of warmer temps and fell in love with this pink and palm dress from Express, especially for the $88 price tag!
Finally, there is SO much more to come on this topic, but this week Ryan and I booked our five year anniversary trip!! We're going to Rome, the Amalfi Coast and Paris. I hesitate to even say Rome because we're really just flying in to this beautiful city and only spending about 24 hours before we head to the Amalfi Coast. 

Have any tips/suggestions for us as we plan things out in more detail? We haven't booked lodging yet, so would love any suggestions on that topic! Huge thanks to those on my Instagram who have already weighed in!
Happy Friday folks, what do you have planned for the weekend?!
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