Friday, February 19, 2016

Sullivan Louise: 10 Month Update

Happy 10 months my darling girl! You're in the double digits and only eight weeks, I repeat, EIGHT WEEKS away from your first birthday. I can't decide if I want to squeal with excitement or puke at this thought, ha!
You're trying to walk these days by letting go of the table or couch and standing for a little bit until you lurch or shimmy forward only to plop down or land gleefully into Mama's arms. 
The puppies are hilarious to you and we adore hearing your raspy little laugh when they whisk past you and when you chase them. 

You start waving "adios" with no prompt when you see me put on my bright red coat in the mornings. This is both heartbreaking and adorable as I walk out of the door to work. 

Solids are your jam, with the occasional pouch of baby food when we're out and about or low on fruits and veggies. You just had a mango for the first time yesterday and loved it. Avocados, not so much. We're of course still giving you bottles, but you prefer three now over four a day.
When we open up a book to read, you actually sit still and like to help turn the pages. This is a big difference from when you used to just rip it out of my hands to chew away on the corners.
You're really starting to develop awareness and feelings. Yesterday your head hit my lip pretty hard and I said "ouchy" and you looked at me so intently and dug your little face into mine like you were saying I'm sorry. You're also starting to give "Mama kisses" without prompt, which I love. 
How excited you get when Dada walks through the door at night makes my heart explode, it's the cutest. Tonight Dada was feeding you when you pushed your bottle out of your mouth, yanked blankie so hard to your face and buried in him pretty much saying, "alright Dada, that's it, I'm done, take me to bed."

Blowing zerberts in the bath is another favorite of yours. As well as the measuring cup I let you take in there that's now your favorite bath toy. Go figure. 

Doing Indian noises with your hand over your mouth is another favorite sound. Can't forget "yay" when you coo, clap and raise your hands in the air too. So cute!
This month you didn't lurch up a size in clothes like you have in the past, you're still in that 12-18 month range, even able to still fit into some 9 month clothes. Sadly, you're starting to realize when you have a bow in your hair, which you love to rip out. 

You're quite the sleeper, we even sometimes have to wake you up after 13 hours of sleep. You sure love to tell us you're ready for bed between 6-7pm and when you see your blankie it's game over (as mentioned above). I just bought two more of this blankie because I have a feeling you're getting attached.
We have absolutely nothing to complain about at this age! Every day is a blessing with you little one. Your "mamamamama" and "da da" love you so very much. You can stop growing up now, k thanks. 
PS: I'm getting in the bad habit of only sharing Sully moments on Snapchat (username: ephilli), so follow along for updates!

PPS: How about some bloopers?!
Over half my pictures have squinty eyes because of the flash. I really need to get better about taking pictures in natural light!
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