Thursday, February 18, 2016

Today I Said Yes

Today is the day I said "yes" six years ago to the man who holds my heart. 

Yep, it's that kind of post you guys. A mushy, lovey dovey, my heart is so full kinda post. It was one of the best days of my life, how can I not venture down memory lane?! 
I'll never, ever forget 2.18.10 and I so enjoy taking a look back at these photos on this day every year. It was a feeling like none other. I was shaky, excited, overwhelmed, incredibly happy, so full of love that I thought my heart might burst and just knew I was about to start one of the most exciting chapters of my life. 
It was a normal Thursday and I was excited to go on a bestie dinner after class. My best friend since 9th grade and I lived together at the time and that night we were going to grab a nice dinner and celebrate what we knew would be our last time living together. I got dressed for the night and as I was walking out of my room, she said that I might want to reevaluate my outfit (ha!) since the place she had in mind to go to was nicer than I was dressed. Funny enough, she happened to have out my favorite dress of hers from JCrew and thought I should try it on to wear that night.

Then it was off to dinner until we all the sudden pulled over and she blindfolded me saying it was a really big surprise as to where we were going and she didn't want the drive to give it away. I never suspected a thing. Little did I know, we were driving to Death Valley, the Clemson football stadium, where Ryan was already waiting to propose. After all, it was a Thursday and I knew (or so I thought) Ryan was in the middle of exams. 
After a very bumpy ride (we hit multiple curbs, my bestie was just as nervous as Ryan), she led me down what felt like a million stairs. She forgot to tell me to step onto the field, so I tripped and almost busted it in true clumsy fashion. 
I thought we were at a friend's lake house headed down to eat by the water. Until... she removed the blindfold and I was blown away to be in the middle of the football field where I had spent so many Saturdays since I could barely walk watching my Clemson Tigers play. 
Then there he was, looking almost unrecognizable with a fresh haircut and a nervous grin. I immediately said, "What are you doing here?" which made him even more nervous :). That's when he pulled out a sheet of yellow legal paper (what he had written all of his love notes on while we were dating) and I finally realized what was happening. Thank goodness he wrote everything down, because I wouldn't have any idea what he said that day otherwise. 
Then he dropped down to one knee and asked me to be his wife. My heart still flutters to this day writing those words. 
Of course I ran over and hugged my bestie who made this all possible, and had even picked out the ring with Ryan. Sneaky, sneaky.
The celebrating with friends wasn't over though, Ryan's best bud showed up at the stadium too. 
Some of my sorority sisters even happened to be walking by which made for a really fun surprise even Ryan didn't plan. 
Ryan really thought of everything and had Mykal McEldowney there to take all of these wonderful pictures. 
After the proposal, we headed to dinner with friends and then a night out on the town in Clemson to celebrate. When I got in the car there were roses and bridal magazines which Ryan said I would enjoy reading on our way down to Charleston where we were taking a weekend away to celebrate just the two of us. He truly thought of everything. 

What an amazing day! Now I'm just so full of love y'all. What are your proposal stories? Did anyone else get engaged in college?
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