Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Ohio Meets DC

I'm a week behind sharing this post folks, but I couldn't pass up the opportunity to share a fun visit with our Ohio family for their first time in DC. 
It was freezing you guys! Outfit details: JCrew Parka / Spanx Pants (similar here) / New Balance Tennies / Ray Bans / Louis Vuitton Bag

Ali (the Mama of this sweet family) was Ryan and his sister's nanny when they lived in Charlotte. She immediately became a part of the family and the rest is history. She now lives in Ohio with her husband (who was a groomsman in our wedding) and their three kids. Out of the whole bunch, Ali was the only one who had been to DC before, so it was really cool getting to experience our city with them. 
Having sweet Sully now and ensuring she gets enough naps and meals during the day can make spending all day out and about a little difficult. We made it work though, sometimes coming back to the house just the three of us while they popped in museums that we had been to plenty of times before. We did all manage to get out to the Natural History Museum, Georgetown, Arlington Cemetery, the Air Force Memorial (highly recommend) and the big memorials too. 
This Patagonia vest (sold out, similar here) has been one of Ryan's best purchases this season!
The Air Force Memorial is in Arlington and overlooks all of DC, it's a great one to visit you guys.

A big focus of the weekend though was just hanging out as a family, getting in good snuggles and watching Fuller House. The girls also introduced me to, have you guys heard of this app? You essentially lip sync to a dubsmashed song, record it and post it for your friends to see and interact with, it's pretty entertaining. 
Watch me whip, watch me nae nae (Morgan's face here cracks me up!).
We managed to fit in a date night too and went to the POV rooftop where we take all our guests and to dinner at Pennsylvania 6th which was pretty darn good, I loved the decor! 
Y'all... that is Benton's prosciutto in my drink!
Stay tuned for more pictures, but Sully had her one year smash cake session with Allison Shumate Photography (see our maternity, newborn and 6 month photos)  while they were here too and it was pretty entertaining...
Leave it up to my goofy husband to entertain us all while we were getting set up.

What a fun time we had with them visiting, my house feels pretty empty without this clan. Never fear though, my Nana and Papa are headed into town to stay with us for a week, so it won't be too empty for long!
Now, I can't leave ya without a Sully blooper, you know I have plenty of them...

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Baby's First Easter

This past weekend we celebrated Sully's first Easter. It truly blows my mind to think that one year ago today I was praying desperately that Sully would arrive. Now I'm praying desperately that time will slow down. How in the world could this little lady almost be one year old?!
It was a girls weekend in the Phillips house with Ryan being gone on a bachelor party in Key West. I was getting really bummed out about Dada not being here for Sully's first Easter and the fact that our normal huge family gathering in South Carolina would be diminished to just to the two of us (+ the pups). Then I got a call from Ryan Saturday and he surprised us and caught an early flight home late that night! It was the best Easter gift he could have ever given us. 
Side note on our outfits - I just got these wedges from Target and they're amazing, so comfortable and cute! My dress is the Lilly Pulitzer Dusk dress which is one of my favorite styles, I'm dying for it in the Southern Charm print. Sully's little Lilly is sold out in this print, but I'm definitely also scooping it up in Southern Charm to match Mama if I purchase the Dusk dress. Her bonnet is made by the talented Southern Baby Classics and is monogrammed and reversible (I chose white seersucker for the other side) - a whole post will be coming on this later!

Earlier in the weekend, I took Sully to see the Easter Bunny at the mall and we waited TWO HOURS in line for nine kids - I repeat, two hours my friends. We made do though with lots of snacks and smiling at everyone who walked by the stroller. Sully did really good with the Bunny, even dancing and high-fiving before the photos. She got a little weirded out though when I stepped away (she also decided right at that moment to discover she could pick her nose, go figure). I was proud of her for holding it together that long and close to bed time, especially around a creepy looking bunny :). 
PS, these snack cups from Target are amazing and only $5 for two! Sully's favorite snacks are the Gerber Lil' Crunchies and they smell like Cinnamon Toast Crunch, yum!

On Saturday, we made a trip over to Maryland to celebrate Reese's 2nd Sesame Street birthday party. Reese's Mom and Ryan grew up together in Charlotte, small world, right?! It was Sully's first time attending a birthday party and she had a blast. Plus, how cute are these Sesame Street decorations Christen put together!?!
Sunday morning we slept in and attended the later morning Mass at our church down the street. The cry room was packed this Sunday and Sully barely held it together during the long Mass. Later, we took a walk and played with Sully's Easter basket (more on this later), I'm so glad the weather is getting consistently better! Then I whipped up a yummy dinner from the last minute Easter menu I shared and it was the perfect meal for the two of us when Sully went down.
How was your Easter?! 

Does anyone else find themselves always eating late with a little little one? I'm looking forward to the days when we can all eat together as a family. 

Saturday, March 26, 2016

Last Minute Easter Dinner Menu

Hope you guys are having a nice weekend! I don't usually post on Saturdays, but decided really last minute to make dinner for Easter tomorrow (surprise, honey!). I figured I might not be the only one, so sharing my menu here in case you want to whip something delicious up too! These recipes will all (hopefully) be really easy to make on Sunday, stay tuned on Snapchat (ephilli).
I'm also going to add crescent rolls to this list since they were a staple at Easter dinner for me growing up. For the banana pudding, I'm going to sprinkle in some pastel Easter M&Ms too so it looks festive and has an extra crunch. My husband might just be in shock you guys, I never cook!

Here are all the recipes pulled straight from Pinterest, enjoy!

First up, the deviled eggs. They're not my favorite, but my husband loves them and they're the most traditional dish for Easter in the South, so they're a must.

I'm a weirdo and just not a fan of ham, so I decided to go with an easy pork tenderloin for my Easter meat.

Asparagus is so easy and I love the added elements of lemon, parmesan and garlic in this recipe.

"Last minute" and "easy" are synonymous with crock-pot, so upon seeing these bacon cheese potatoes, I knew they were a staple for my menu. Plus, we never eat potatoes, so I can't wait to indulge on Sunday.

This is our favorite southern dessert and is probably the easiest thing ever to make, the hardest part is cutting up the bananas.
I'm going to use my grandmother's super easy recipe, but this one is pretty similar - Source.

What are you making for Easter?! Anyone else last minute like me?
PS: After reading this post, I'm trying to get better about showing and giving credit for Pinterest posts. The images aren't as pretty, but I tried to include the original pinner and title in what I shared, plus the source link below. 
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