Friday, March 4, 2016

Anniversary Euro Trip (+My Anxiety of Leaving Baby)

Happy Friday folks! In lieu of my normal Five on Friday post today, I'm excited to share more details on where we're going for our five year anniversary trip instead! Plus, I need your recommendations (and at the end, for you to tell me it's all going to be ok :)). 

So, this year Ryan and I are celebrating our five year anniversary! I can honestly say that it has been the best five years of my life. This man, let me tell ya, he's the best. I'm just glad I scooped him up first!

On our actual anniversary this year in May, we'll be attending two weddings in SC. Oh and did I mention I'm in both of those weddings?! One in Greenville and one in Charleston on the same day. Call me crazy, but I'm super excited because these are two of my best friends (one from middle school, one from college). The first wedding is even in the same church where we got married that same day five years ago. Weather forecast... sunny with a change of major tears. 

With the weddings and our crazy schedules leading up to May, we've decided to postpone our anniversary celebrations until September. After what felt like five million conversations and looking at even more flights, we finally booked our trip! Drumroll please, we're going to...

ROME. POSITANO (the Amalfi Coast). AND PARIS!
Rome (left) & Paris (right) // Positano (middle)
Now, we need recommendations on hotels/Airbnbs, restaurants, must see sights, things to pack, what to wear, travel hacks and all that jazz.  GO! 

I even hesitate to say Rome actually because really its just where we're flying in (it was so much cheaper than anything else from DC!). We'll go see one or two things, but then the next day we'll hit the road to Positano. Can someone please explain to my husband that he should not drive during his first time in a foreign country?! 
Here's our schedule:

DC -> Rome
Arrive in Rome (via Moscow) at 11:40AM
(In Rome 1 day)

Drive/Train from Rome to Positano
(In Positano 3 days)

Naples -> Paris (ORY)
Arrive in Paris at 10:50PM
(In Paris 3 days)

Paris (CDG) -> Baltimore
Arrive in Baltimore at 5:55PM

Y'all I'm so excited, but I have to say I'm filled with so much anxiety too. While this is going to be the vacation of a lifetime, it also means leaving my little girl for 10 days. Can I do it? Am I strong enough? Are we stupid for thinking this is a good idea, leaving our one and a half year old daughter? What if something happens to her while I'm gone? How quickly could I get back? Will my family be ok taking turns watching her? Will my missing her cloud the experience? Will she forget me? Will this scar her for life and now she'll think her Mama just up and abandons her!? Will she love me as much when I return? Oh, the worries you guys!

Can someone please tell me it's going to all be ok?! 
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