Thursday, March 3, 2016

Home Sourcing Guide: Southern Man Cave

Hi friends, back today with another sourcing guide, this time for my husband's Southern Man Cave! Make sure to scroll all the way down to find your shopping guide with prices (I feel so tech savvy, y'all!). You can also click back to see the living room and dining room sourcing guides too.

Photos taken by the oh so talented Liz Fogarty
Shelves: Ikea

I talked about the Ikea shelves I used for the entertainment space in my best purchases of 2015 post, so make sure to check that out! They're so cheap you guys, the whole project barely cost $100. Perfect for rentals!

Chair: Found on Craigslist and reupholstered by my Nana (I like this one too). 

These have a cool history. The woman who owned the chairs was browsing with her husband in a market in Spain and saw the furniture maker crafting away. She knew she just had to have some of his beautiful work. Her husband was so annoyed, but finally gave in and had two chairs made and shipped to the US for her (so sweet!). They originally had red velvet and gold fringe that was very worn down when I got my hands on them. I have a more octagonal one too in storage from the same lady. I think it was $50 total for both.

Sisal Rug: Homegoods (similar here)

Couch: Ikea - the best part about this couch is that it also pulls out and up to form a big bed that's perfect for binge watching Fuller House ;). Kinda like this one too for an edgier look.

Bourbon Barrel Coffee Table: We got this on our first anniversary trip to Louisville from Buffalo Trace. They were disposing of some of the bourbon barrels and we asked if we could have one. So back to SC we hauled this beauty and luckily my MIL found a perfect piece of glass at a thrift store to top it off. Ryan keeps his empty bourbon bottles inside with some burlap from our wedding. While I can't find the perfect comparison, I do like this round wood table.

See the full list of Louisville recaps: 1 (Nord's Bakery) // 2 (610 Magnolia) // 3 (Churchill Downs) // 4 (Buffalo Trace) // 5 // 6 (Urban Bourbon Trail) // 7 (Dancing Bear) // 8 (Blackberry Farm) 

Knit Pillow: Ikea (similar here and here)

End Pillows: Homegoods (I like these too)

Plaid Monogrammed Pillow: Mark and Graham

Books: Gifts (Firefox ones available here) and Antique Stores

Plants: (fake!) Ikea

Brass Duck Bookends: Goodwill (similar here)

Horn Bookends: Homegoods (keep an eye out at your Homegoods, they're really so expensive everywhere else)

Other Tschotskes and Frames:  Homegoods

Distressed Sideboard: Homegoods (similar here + this one is really awesome)

Animal Plates: Spode

Small Plates: Ebay (search: small brown antique plates)

Deer: This was Ryan's first buck that was mounted. I like this fake version though too.

Mirrored Tray: Gift (I like this one too)

Copper Mug: Gift (similar here)

Deer Straws: Target Dollar Spot

Deer Bar Tools: World Market

Whiskey Napkins: Homegoods (similar here + I LOVE this napkin holder and added it to a surcee list for Ry)

Bourbons/Bottles on Ryan's Bar (left to right): Parkers Heritage Collection; W.L. Weller; Jefferson's Ocean; Johnny Walker Blue; Blanton's; Stagg Jr.; Noah's Mill; Colonel E.H. Taylor Small Batch

What are your favorite pieces? Make sure to click below to find the perfect things for your own man cave or space.

And stay tuned, you know I made myself an equally girlier room, coming next week...

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