Saturday, March 26, 2016

Last Minute Easter Dinner Menu

Hope you guys are having a nice weekend! I don't usually post on Saturdays, but decided really last minute to make dinner for Easter tomorrow (surprise, honey!). I figured I might not be the only one, so sharing my menu here in case you want to whip something delicious up too! These recipes will all (hopefully) be really easy to make on Sunday, stay tuned on Snapchat (ephilli).
I'm also going to add crescent rolls to this list since they were a staple at Easter dinner for me growing up. For the banana pudding, I'm going to sprinkle in some pastel Easter M&Ms too so it looks festive and has an extra crunch. My husband might just be in shock you guys, I never cook!

Here are all the recipes pulled straight from Pinterest, enjoy!

First up, the deviled eggs. They're not my favorite, but my husband loves them and they're the most traditional dish for Easter in the South, so they're a must.

I'm a weirdo and just not a fan of ham, so I decided to go with an easy pork tenderloin for my Easter meat.

Asparagus is so easy and I love the added elements of lemon, parmesan and garlic in this recipe.

"Last minute" and "easy" are synonymous with crock-pot, so upon seeing these bacon cheese potatoes, I knew they were a staple for my menu. Plus, we never eat potatoes, so I can't wait to indulge on Sunday.

This is our favorite southern dessert and is probably the easiest thing ever to make, the hardest part is cutting up the bananas.
I'm going to use my grandmother's super easy recipe, but this one is pretty similar - Source.

What are you making for Easter?! Anyone else last minute like me?
PS: After reading this post, I'm trying to get better about showing and giving credit for Pinterest posts. The images aren't as pretty, but I tried to include the original pinner and title in what I shared, plus the source link below. 
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